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Organization Chart

The medicine wheel is a universal symbol amongst Indigenous people on Turtle Island.

It represents and teaches many things about ourselves, our families, communities, nations and how we connect to the earth, sky and the spirit world. For the Anishinaabek, our laws are placed within the medicine wheel, and there are four main laws that we are taught to live by. These laws are represented by the four directions: West – Minaadizowin (Kindness) – we are taught to be kind to ourselves and each other; North – Gwekaajimowin (Honesty) – to be straight with each other; East – Gwekidodimowin (Sharing) – to share our kindness honesty with each other; South – Zongizowin (Strength) – we practice these laws to be strong and happy. To make our medicine wheel move, we practice these laws together every day so we can have a future.

Download Institutional Organization chart (PDF)