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Rendez-Vous: Women x Non-Binary Digital Connect

This is a free networking event for women and non-binary people.

Pride at Work Canada has been bringing women and non-binary* professionals and job seekers together for years. As many women and non-binary people don’t feel safe in many professional networking spaces, Rendez-Vous: Women x Non-Binary Digital Connect creates a unique opportunity for women and non-binary people to make professional connections in a casual and comfortable setting – from anywhere!

*Pride at Work Canada understands that these terms may not resonate with everyone and endeavors to include all those who do not identify as men. This includes trans women, cis women, non-binary folks, agender folks, and more. We also host Matrices: Trans, Non-Binary & Agender Digital Connect to those who would prefer a trans, non-binary, and agender specific space.

Our guest speaker will deliver brief remarks, then attendees will be placed into breakout rooms to discuss our speaker’s story and the event theme, and to meet other professionals and jobseekers. After the breakout room discussions, we’ll come back as a group to share our takeaways and close the session.

Bilingualism: At this event, there will be a Francophone breakout room, and automated French captioning will be available.

Help us make Rendez-Vous a safer event! All attendees will be provided with a set of community guidelines prior to the event that they will be expected to read and honour. Discussion facilitators will be present in our breakout rooms, and there will be a BIPOC-specific breakout room, as well as a non-binary specific breakout room, for folks who wish to join that space.


PLEASE REGISTER HERE: https://prideatwork.ca/event/rendez-vous-20231003/


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Oct 03 2023


12:00 pm - 1:30 pm


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