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SSHRC 2020-2021 Knowledge Synthesis Grant: Skills & Work in the Digital Economy

‘Digital assistive technologies to support remote working by the disabled: A scoping review’ is co-funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) and the Government of Canada’s Future Skills program.

‘Technologies d’assistance numériques pour soutenir le travail à distance des personnes handicapées: un examen de la portée’ est cofinancé par le Conseil de recherches en sciences humaines et le programme Compétences futures du Gouvernement du Canada.

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Background: The Issue

In the spring of 2020 many companies sent their employees home to work remotely in an effort to combat the spread of COVID-19. Without forethought or planning, an entire workforce was mobilized using digital assistive technologies to support remote working. Prior to this, these same companies had often claimed an “undue hardship” when asked to make these same accommodations for people with disabilities. Over a year later and much has been learned about the use of digital assistive technology to support remote workers. More importantly, for the first time, people with disabilities can come to the same table in their search for employment. Therefore, the focus of this report is a scoping review undertaken to answer the question: How does digital adaptive technology address barriers to labor market participation for people with disabilities?

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