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Academic Advising Campaign for New and Returning Students
(Undergraduate Degree Students)

Online registration for the 2024 Fall Semester will be opening on Wednesday, July 10 at 4 p.m. for undergraduate degree students!


Sound academic advising and proper course registration helps students succeed. By receiving advice from an Academic Advisor or a Faculty Advisor, students can ensure that they are on track to have all the courses that they need to graduate. Make an appointment to meet with your Academic Advisor or Faculty Advisor and then register for courses through the Student Portal.

Before registering for your courses, please view the helpful tools that we’ve provided below.

Register for your courses


Contact your advisor or email: [email protected]

1. Clear any outstanding balances from previous terms, otherwise, it will delay your registration. You can see your account summary via Student Portal, under “Financial”, in “Summary”. If there is an owing, please proceed to “Make Payment” under “Financial”. You could pay directly with a credit card. If you would like to transfer funds from a Canadian bank account, please see this website. For international students, please scroll down to the section “For International Students Who Have a Canadian Bank Account”.

2. If you are still a first-year student (that is if you will still be taking courses to complete your first 30 credits), please contact your Academic Advisor. If you are an upper-year student (that is, you have already completed 30+ credits), your Faculty Advisor will advise you on the courses.

You will find your advisor’s name listed in your Student Portal, under “Academics”, in “Summary”. You can also contact your advisor directly by clicking on the “Contact Advisor” button. The message will go directly to your advisor accordingly. 

After receiving advising, you can proceed to “Online Registration” under “Academics”.

3. To view the 24F and 25W course schedules, please visit: https://algomau.ca/course-schedules/

4. Pay the deposit: Please note that, for returning/continuing students, before registration, a deposit is required:

– For domestic students: $200.00 deposit per term (with exceptions: OSAP students and sponsored students). 

– For International students: $1000 deposit per term

To pay for the deposit via Student Portal, you will select courses first. Go to “Academics”, and click “Online Registration”. You will add the courses you wish to take, click on the “My Backpack” tab to verify that the courses appear there, and then you will be able to make the payment via the “Pay Deposit” tab.

5. For those students who are sponsored, please provide the Student Account ([email protected]) a copy of your sponsorship letter prior to registering.

6. For OSAP students only: if you have completed your OSAP application and are eligible for aid your deposit and fees are automatically deferred until the end of the first month of studies each term. Any balance not covered by your OSAP funding must be cleared by the end of the first month of your term to avoid fees. A new online application needs to be completed each year. Students that already have applied online for Fall and/or Winter can request an extension of their existing application to cover Winter and/or Spring terms. This extension is available via your Student Portal. For more information see the Financial Aid section of our website.

7. For students receiving out of province funding from another Canadian province or territory: you can defer your fees and deposit until your aid arrives. To find the form to request this deferral visit your Student Portal. Your completed request must be received at least one month prior to the standard fee deadline. For assistance or more information see the Financial Aid section of our website.



Contact your advisor or email: [email protected]