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Algoma Mentorship Program (AMP)

Algoma Mentorship Program (AMP) aims to support and enrich the student experience by providing personal connections and leadership aspects.

It is an opportunity to enhance communication skills, gain new perspectives to problem-solving, and expand viewpoints. Mentorship is a mutually beneficial experience for both a mentor and mentee on a personal and professional level. Join AMP to find out how it can benefit you!

What is AMP?

The purpose of AMP is to connect an upper-year student with a lower-year student.

The upper-year student will act as the Mentor, and the lower-year student will act as the Mentee. Within the Mentor/Mentee Application Forms, we ask a variety of questions to collect information on applicants interests in hopes to find the most suitable candidate. Our goal is to enhance engagement, development, and essential skills for all students, while promoting a positive student experience and transition to University. 

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Become a Mentor

A student “Mentor” is someone with knowledge and experience of Algoma University and the various channels of support we offer. A Mentor will act as a trusted role model for a Mentee, sharing knowledge, experience, and advice. Mentorship is a rewarding role, while offering the opportunity to advance your leadership skills and appear more hirable to future employers.

Mentor Job Description

Mentor Application Form


Become a Mentee

A student “Mentee” is someone who is seeking the knowledge, experience, and advice of a Mentor. They are open-minded and ambitious to make connections and reach their greatest potential. A Mentee does not have to be a new student to Algoma University; it can be any student requiring guidance through their University experience!

Mentee Application Form