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Algoma Mentorship Program (AMP)

Algoma Mentorship Program (AMP) aims to support and enrich student life by providing personal connections and leadership.

AMP is an opportunity to improve your skills, develop strong social networks, and create lasting friendships. Mentorship is a mutually beneficial experience for both a mentor and mentee on a personal and professional level. 

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What is AMP?

The purpose of AMP is to connect an experienced student with any student who is looking for guidance.

The experienced student will act as the Mentor, and the student seeking support will be the mentee. We will host getting-to-know-you events that allow mentors and mentees to meet and have the opportunity to discover who they would like to be paired with. Our goal is to enhance engagement, development, and essential skills for all students, while promoting a positive student experience. 

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Become a Mentor

A Mentor is someone with knowledge and experience of Algoma University and the various supports we offer. A Mentor acts as a trusted role model for a Mentee, sharing knowledge, experience, and advice. Mentorship offers the benefit of advancing your leadership, relationship building and communication skills.

Mentor Job Description

Mentor Application Form

Become a Mentee

A Mentee is someone who is seeking support from a peer that will enhance their overall experience at Algoma University. They are students who want to reach their greatest potential, and aren’t afraid to ask for help. A Mentee does not have to be a new student to Algoma University; it can be any student requiring guidance and community.

Mentee Application Form

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