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ADMN 4896: Innovative Solutions for Organizations

The "Innovative Solutions For Organizations" course was designed in collaboration with the City of Brampton’s Entrepreneurship Centre with the goal to create a positive impact through collaboration with community, government and industry partners.



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We aim to foster and facilitate the growth and development of relationships with our partners, while providing our students with real-life learning experiences that will yield innovative solutions contributing to the region’s economic development. 

Through this course we ensure that all SchoolBE students are prepared for the workforce or to start their own companies even as the economy changes. 

Key benefits of this course to participating businesses include;

  • Added value for business owners via development of innovative, feasible and creative solutions.
  • Access to a qualified talent pool.
  • Excellent brand exposure

The opportunity to build community relationships while facilitating student learning.

Students will spend 15 weeks under the mentorship and guidance of a faculty advisor to explore organizational challenges presented to them by participating businesses. The solutions they develop will allow them to exercise their knowledge across a variety of business disciplines including marketing, finance, advertising, business process management, economics, and more.

Interested in offering our students an opportunity to help? 

Organizations interested in finding out how to become involved in our “Innovative Solutions for Organizations” program are encouraged to complete the form linked hereWe thank you for interest and willingness to share your mission and vision with us and for giving our students the opportunity to learn from real life experiences.

For questions or further information, please email [email protected]