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Majors, Minors, Certificates & Co-op

Here, we embrace differences. We know that each student has their own unique goals. As such, we know that each student’s experience will look different!

Algoma U offers many opportunities for students to enhance their degree. Whether you’re wanting to add a minor or a certificate to your degree, or participating in a co-op, you will need to let us know! Below you will find details about declaring Majors and Minors, completing Certificates and joining the co-op program.


Relating to the field of academic study in which a student specializes.

Bachelor of Arts
Program Options
Required CreditsElectives CreditsMinimum Grade
Requirement on
Introductory Courses
(Discipline Specific)
Major in a 4-year program54 – 60 credits60 – 66 elective credits60%
Major in a 3-year program36 – 60 credits30 – 54 elective credits60%
Combined Major in a 3-year30 credits in each program30 elective credits60%
Combined major in a 4-year42 credits in each program36 elective credits60%
Minor in a 3- and 4-year24 credits60%

A secondary level of study in an academic program.

CreditsRequired Minimum
6 introductory credits
18 upper-year credits
60%Concurrently with
your degree

At Algoma University, you can choose to minor in any of our degree programs. You can also minor in the following unique subject areas:

First-year Minor Requirements
  • Environmental Sustainability – see list in Academic Calendar
  • Social Justice and Globalization – see list in Academic Calendar
  • French – not FREN 1021/1022 or FREN 2021/2022
  • Geomatics – GEOG 1026/1027
  • Human Development Studies – Choose after first year
  • International Relations – POLI 1006/1007
  • Canadian Government, Public Policy & Public Administration – Choose after first year
  • Accounting – ADMN 1126/1127
  • Marketing – ADMN 1206
  • Human Resource Management – Choose after first year
  • Mathematics – not Math 1911/1912

Please see our Academic Calendar for specific course requirements. Courses required for a minor may count towards electives.


You may also take a certificate concurrently with your degree. You should complete the required introductory courses for the certificate during year one of your program. Certificate courses count towards your electives.

  • Interdisciplinary Aboriginal Learning Certificate – OJIB 1016/1017
  • Business Administration – ADMN 1016/1207
  • Accounting- ADMN 1126/1127
  • Human Resource Management – ADMN 1206
  • Marketing – Choose after first year
  • Community, Economic & Social Development – CESD 1006/1007
  • Certificate in Computing – COSC 1046/1047
  • Computer Game Technology – COSC 1036/2036
  • Geomatics – GEOG 1026/1027
  • Law and Justice – JURI 1106/1107
  • Public Policy and Administration – POLI 1006/1007
  • Social Welfare – SWRK 1006/1007
Co-operative Education

Co-operative Education is an excellent way for students to gain valuable paid work experience while completing their university degree. Students interested in the Co-operative Education Program must take COOP 0101: Career Skills Course during their first year of study. This is a non-academic course that may be taken along with your full-time (or part-time) course load. COOP 0101 is offered both semesters on Wednesdays from 11:30am – 1pm.

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