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School of Computer Science & Technology

The School of Computer Science & Technology delivers high calibre programming with a focus on creativity and innovation in two unique locations, Sault Ste. Marie and Brampton.



The School of Computer Science and Technology (SCST) builds on Algoma University’s long-established Computer Science Program (Bachelor of Computer Science and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science), with specializations in Mobile Software Engineering, Computer Game Technology, and Computer Game Technology/Creative Arts.

Students can expect opportunities for personal, academic, and professional growth through our small class sizes and one-on-one interactions with dedicated faculty who are active in their fields of research.  Added to this, students benefit from experiential learning opportunities that enhance their learning experience, preparing students for an exciting and rewarding future ahead.

The SCST is known internationally for having one of the most advanced Computer Games Technology specializations, making our School a dynamic and exciting place to learn. Students and researchers from all over the world come to learn and grow their skills in our state-of-the-art computer labs.

A large component of our School is creativity and innovation. With the guidance of our exceptional faculty, students are able to create new designs and explore their wildest imaginations. The SCST adequately prepares students for higher education. By offering a fourth-year thesis, students can undertake a research project, which provides them with in-depth expertise in a specific area of interest. Our School provides many opportunities for personal, and professional growth through programming competitions, brown bag meetings and co-operative education.

Our School’s mission is to prepare students for a career in the technology industry or in research and academia. With high starter-level salaries and great job prospects, consider studying with Algoma University’s School of Computer Science and Technology!

Introducing our Master’s of Computer Science Program

This course-based program is designed for Bachelor's degree graduates in computer science, information technology (IT) and related areas.

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Our Computer Science Program

Students can expect opportunities for personal, academic, and professional growth through our small class sizes and one-on-one interactions with dedicated faculty who are active in their fields of research.

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Two Unique Campus Locations

The Sault Ste. Marie campus offers a truly northern experience in the heart of the Great Lakes, while the School’s Brampton campus provides a unique urban lifestyle located downtown in one of Canada’s fastest growing cities. Both locations focus on academic excellence, concentrating on the educational and practical opportunities required to succeed in today’s economy.

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Accelerated Degree in Computer Science

Do you already have a Bachelor’s degree in another subject area? Are you looking to jumpstart a new career? You could earn a computer science degree in as little as 12 months at Algoma University.

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Graduate Certificate in Information Technology

Our Graduate Certificate in Information Technology will provide students with the specialist skills they need to ignite their career in ICT. They will gain essential skills in programming, software development, object-oriented analysis and design, web technologies and databases, e-business strategy, and project management, which will complement their existing critical thinking and communication abilities.

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You can customize your degree to include something you love! Students enrolled in the four-year Bachelor of Computer Science (BCosc) program can further enhance the quality of their degree by specializing in one of three areas: Computer Games Technology, Computer Games Technology and the Creative Arts, or Mobile Software Engineering.

In the computer game technology specialization, students will apply their foundational programming knowledge to the design and development of video game software. The program focuses on a complete overview of game development, from the initial code to the finished product, with courses covering computer graphics, the games marketplace, game artificial intelligence, and gameplay design. Students will develop skills in the analysis, design, programming, and testing of computer consoles, mobiles, PC, and hand-held video games. Graduates of this specialization often use their gaming projects courses to develop a sophisticated portfolio that can be used when seeking employment.

The computer game technology and creative arts specialization enables students who are interested in the artistic aspects of computer games, such as the writing of plots, the development of game flow, and the development of graphics and music, to extend their analysis and design skills to these areas. Courses include those in the games marketplace, software engineering, gameplay design, and artificial intelligence. In addition to the courses taken within the standard computer games technology stream, in the creative arts specialization, students will also explore courses in Music, English and/or Visual Arts to develop a game design complement to their programming skills. Students must complete at least 18 credits in English, fine arts, and/or music.

The Mobile Software Engineering specialization enables the student to apply the foundation skills of Computer Science to the development of applications and systems that implement the use of mobile devices in modern computer systems. This allows them to develop expertise in what is becoming a predominant part of the application of computer technology. The students will study the range of applications of mobile devices and will learn to develop applications on a variety of mobile platforms. The graduate will be able to apply the use of mobile devices in business, industry, social media and gaming. The specialization requires the student to do at least one major project that can form the basis for a portfolio of skills as they seek employment in the industry.

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Collaborative Online Bridging Program

College graduates could earn a Bachelor of Computer Science in as little 12 months by entering this innovative pathway program.

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Future Students

We believe that each student brings a unique set of skills and life experiences to our campus community, and that's why we can't wait to get to know you.

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Accelerated Degree

Students could earn a computer science degree in as little as 12 months at Algoma University.