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Centre for Teaching and Learning

Algoma University’s special mission is to be “a teaching-oriented university that provides programs in liberal arts and sciences, and professional programs [and to] cultivate cross-cultural learning between Aboriginal Communities and other communities” (Algoma University Strategic Plan, 2021-2026).

The Teaching & Learning resources provided here aim to support our special mission, to foster quality teaching, to inspire student learning, and to create a culture of scholarly and effective teaching at Algoma University. We are dedicated to ensuring both faculty and students have the resources they need to thrive in their environments. Our mission is to provide the support needed for the advancement of evidence-based teaching and learning practices, by cultivating Pedagogical Excellence, Mentorship, and Professional Development. In support of these goals, we offer online resources, LMS support, one-on-one consultations, workshops and multimedia design assistance.

Helpful resources

Whether you have been teaching in a university setting for decades, or you are just starting out, there will be times where you will be looking for new ways to approach your teaching or course design. The Centre for Teaching and Learning is home to growing number of resources that are available here to help you keep up to date on the latest pedagogical thinking, to help orient you with remote or in-person learning platforms, to find new strategies for promoting class participation, tips and tricks for designing engaging learning materials, and everything in between.

Services and Teaching Support

The Centre for Teaching and Learning is built around the idea of enriching the pedagogical experience here at Algoma University, and we are offering a range of services and supports that are designed to assist with every aspect of teaching and learning. Here, you will find some helpful links and resources.

Research and Awards

Great teaching is at the heart of Algoma University’s mission. There are a number of grants, fellowships and awards open to Algoma University faculty in recognition for exceptional teaching, research and contributions to the university community. Use the links below to find more details about nominations, eligibility, deadlines and descriptions of particular awards and grants.


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