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Our Visual Arts Program

Our faculty and students live and work in an animated, spirited, and humorous culture in which art making is acknowledged as a process of constant and perpetual transformation and aspiration toward higher degrees of insight.

Passion, enthusiasm, a questioning mind, and an ability to do things differently are part and parcel of a creative life and are some of the characteristics it takes to be a visual art student. Pursuing a four-year Bachelor of Fine Arts allows students the opportunity to channel and express their creativity and imagination, but also to hone and perfect their skills by learning about past and present techniques.

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The program strikes a fine balance between traditional and experimental practices and between refined object making and personal development.

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Ultimately, regardless of the value of the art objects, the final product of creative endeavour is the artist/creator and her/his role within the larger community.

After completing a degree in fine arts, students are opened up to an array of career paths and opportunities. Achievements made by our graduates includes the founding of several creative businesses, set design with the Ontario film industry, graduation from a leading Master of Fine Arts program, subsequent university teaching work, inclusion in significant exhibitions, art director for an international cruise ship company, employment in the field of computer gaming and design, founder of a regional Aboriginal art gallery, crossover work in graphic design, and many more.

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Hands-on learning, a close-knit campus community, and caring faculty.

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Portfolio Requirements

The portfolio informs the Arts Department about your interests, experience, skills and goals.

Interested in applying to our Visual Art program? You’ll need to provide a portfolio that provides a sampling of your creative practice.

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