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Home of the Academic Deans

The Academic Deans' Office is responsible for academic administration and programming at Algoma University. The Academic Dean and office staff are committed to ensuring that the quality of education at Algoma University is held to the highest standards.

In collaboration with faculty, and in conversation with students, our work on course and program development and quality assurance processes contribute to the University’s overarching mandate to provide meaningful and exciting educational opportunities to the community of Sault Ste. Marie, the province of Ontario, and beyond to the international community.

The Academic Dean’s Office plays a critical role in providing faculty with the tools and support they need to enhance their teaching, research, and service commitments.

In our office, and on these webpages, full- and part-time faculty will find a range of resources including general information (e.g., faculty handbooks), forms and templates (e.g., annual reports), as well as administrative and committee support documents.

The Academic Dean’s Office also serves as the hub for where issues or concerns that students bring to our attention are examined and solutions facilitated, and where initiatives to help provide a positive student experience at Algoma University are supported.

Collectively, our team has many years of experience in working with faculty, staff, and students at Algoma University in a wide variety of capacities. We are committed to offering friendly and professional support to our fellow employees and enhancing the experience that students have while at Algoma University.

Please send comments, queries and suggestions regarding academic programming at Algoma University to [email protected].

Meet our Academic Deans and Office Staff

The Academic Deans and office staff contributes to the well-being and growth of Algoma University by providing support to full time and part-time faculty, academic programs and units, staff and students.

Key Contacts & Structure

The Algoma University academic structure is comprised of three Faculties: Faculty of Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences, and the Faculty of Humanities. Each of the Faculties is led by a Faculty Chair. The Faculty Chairs work in cooperation with the Academic Dean in the administration of Faculty business and provide leadership in the development of curriculum and programs at Algoma University.

Each Faculty has a number of Department Chairs. Department Chairs provide academic leadership for curriculum and programs within Algoma University’s departments. Below is a summary of names and contact information for Faculty and Department Chairs as of April 2023.

Faculty Chairs, Department Chairs and Directors

Locate and learn more about our faculty and department chairs

Teaching & Learning

We aim to create a culture of scholarly and effective teaching at Algoma University

Quality Assurance

We’re committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality in our academic programming

Academic Policies, Procedures, and Services Student FAQ

Helping students navigate how and when to use academic policies, procedures, and services