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Our Law & Justice Program

We approach the study of law, legal decision-making, and justice from a variety of viewpoints. Our program incorporates diverse legal traditions into the curriculum and investigates law from historical, social and philosophical perspectives.

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Our law and justice program is one of few such programs in Canada. Those that do exist often focus on criminology, rather than on legal traditions, institutions, and practices in their various current and historical forms and concepts. Criminology is the study of the anatomy of crime, specifically its causes, consequences, and costs. Law and justice, however, goes far beyond criminology, and provides students with a more well-rounded and holistic degree.

In our four-year program, students will acquire knowledge of the pattern of legal institutions required to regulate our political, social, and economic relations. Students will examine topics such as civil, criminal, family, corporate, constitutional, and contract law. They will study conventional, traditional, and alternative forms of justice and dispute resolution, as well as comparative, theoretical, and historical perspectives. The program helps students to understand law as a multidimensional and complex social phenomenon.

Within the program, students will develop a wide range of skills that apply beyond the study of law and justice. After completing a degree in law and justice, many of our students gain admission to law school and graduate programs, and also diploma programs at the college level. Students are also opened up to an array of career paths and opportunities, such as lawyer, paralegal, law enforcement, criminal investigator, forensic scientist technician, clerk, legal secretary, education (primary and secondary, colleges and universities), researcher, Indigenous researcher, immigration and border patrol services, civil servant, politics and policy, entrepreneur, and many more.

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