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School of Life Sciences and the Environment

The School of Life Sciences and the Environment at Algoma University delivers a high calibre programming with a focus on research and experience.

Most of our students have the opportunity to work in a research lab or for a local company as volunteers, student workers, through our internship courses and the capstone thesis.  Several of our students publish their research in scientific journals.

The School of Life Sciences and the Environment (SLSE) delivers top-quality academic programming in Biology, Psychology, and Environmental Science. SLSE programs are built to help students develop critical thinking skills allowing them to contribute solutions to current challenges facing humanity in the twenty-first century.  The SLSE prides itself on exceptional faculty/student relationships. Our small class-sizes allow students to get to know their professors, and meet with them regularly to ensure that they are reaching their goals.

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Our professors are there to help students if they are struggling, and to help them grow throughout their academic careers. The School of Life Sciences and the Environment provides relevant high-quality education with a particular focus on getting students involved in the research process.

Consequently, our graduates leave Algoma University feeling like they have truly become scientists. Many graduates report that this experience greatly prepared them for their careers.

Work with World-Class Researchers

Algoma University has world-class researchers. Our researchers bring in millions of dollars in research grants, and students in our programs have the opportunity to interact with these researchers, learn from them both formally and informally, and even conduct research in their labs. Over the last eight years, our undergraduate students have published 28 research papers in the peer reviewed scientific literature. In the SLSE, we understand that to become a great researcher, you need to learn from and train with great researchers.


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Become a Scientist

Our goal is for every graduate to leave our program feeling like they have become a scientist. To accomplish this, we have structured our programs to focus on teaching students the scientific method, how to use data and statistics to address scientific hypotheses, as well as basic and advanced laboratory techniques. Students can hone their research skills in weekly lab sessions, during internship courses, or while working on an Honours Thesis project. We get students doing science, so when they graduate, they feel like scientists.

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Find your Passion

We know that our incoming students have only scratched the surface in their scientific education. Our programs give students exposure to the breadth of topics that span Biology, Psychology, and Environmental Sciences. Students have the chance to explore many topics within their field of study, and then choose electives that match their interests later in their degree program. This approach ensures that students are given the chance to discover what they enjoy in their program, and pursue it. This approach differs from more specialized undergraduate programs where if a student wishes to pursue a new direction, they must start over. Science is about discovery – discover your passion in Algoma’s School of Life Sciences and the Environment.


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Bachelor of Science - BiologySSMGr. 12 English & Math, Two Gr. 12 Sciences from Biology, Chemistry or Physics
Bachelor of Science - Environmental ScienceSSMGr. 12 English & Math Two Gr. 12 Sciences from Biology, Chemistry or Physics
Bachelor of Science - PsychologySSMGr. 12 English & Math, Two Gr. 12 Sciences from Biology, Chemistry or Physics
Bachelor of Arts - PsychologySSM/BRAMGr. 12 English
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