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The President is the chief executive officer of the University and has supervision over and direction of the academic and general administration of the University, its students, Senior Executive, managers, teaching staff and non-teaching employees.

Asima C. Vezina

President and Vice-Chancellor

705-949-2301, ext.4117

Office: SH 310

Email: [email protected]


Aanii! Boozhoo! Hello! Bonjour! As President and Vice-Chancellor of Algoma University, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all students, staff, faculty, guests, and those who will soon be joining us.

Here, we are a student centered organization focused on student success. The vision for this university was built using the voices of our students who have continued to tell us they value small class sizes, close relationships with faculty, strong academic programming, and our commitment to overall student experience.

As we create memories and achieve our goals, it feels very special to acknowledge the traditional territory and lands of the Anishinabek where our collective journey is taking place. Our special mission of cross-cultural education is coming into its own as we welcome people from around the world who are gathering at the heart of the beautiful Great Lakes on the St. Mary’s River in Bawatting / Sault Ste. Marie to learn from and with each other. It is an exciting time to be at Algoma U.

We use the natural beauty of this area and region to design and offer experiences that will provide lasting memories for a lifetime. My hope for everyone that comes to Algoma is that, as part of the unique and special experience we offer, each of you, in some way,  will be touched and transformed. Welcome!

A‌sima C. Vezina

A‌sima C. Vezina

President and Vice-Chancellor

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Reappointment of President and Vice-Chancellor

The Algoma University Board of Governors unanimously approved the reappointment of President and Vice-Chancellor Asima Vezina for a second five-year term.

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Our President - Asima C. Vezina
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Strategic Plan Extension 2023

The Board of Governors has extended the Strategic Plan through a refreshed approach to better reflect the current context.

A new Strategic Planning process will be underway in the year 2022.

The Strategic Priorities evolve from an annual facilitated retreat between members of the Board, Senate and Administration and are guided by the extended Strategic Plan to assist the University in achieving its objectives.


A dynamic hub for community and student life with spaces and activities that support inspired and engaged learning and a strong sense of pride. This strategic direction will be achieved in close collaboration with student leadership to ensure all decisions reflect students’ needs.

An integrated suite of academic programming that is current, relevant, attractive, and aligned with students’ expectations.

A culture of research and innovation that leverages existing strengths and produces an exceptional student experience while engaging with our campus communities and contributing to their sustainability.

A recognized leader in cross-cultural sharing, healing and learning through collaborative efforts in decolonizing the university’s policies, procedures, pedagogy in fulfillment of our Special Mission.

Institutional excellence is a university-wide commitment involving students, employees, communities aligned in the spirit of continuous improvement, institutional effectiveness, organizational resilience and strong leadership resulting in long term financial sustainability.

EDI values are embedded across the organization to fulfil Algoma University’s commitment to undoing systemic and institutional discrimination and to be publicly transparent and accountable.

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Our Board of Governors

The board is responsible for governing and managing the affairs of the University, all of which are critical to Algoma’s success.

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The Senate

The Senate is an important part of academic life here at Algoma U since they’re responsible for the educational policy of the University.

Our Chancellor

The Chancellor of the University is the titular head of the institution and confers all degrees. He acts as an ambassador for the University.