Financial Support

There are a variety of sources of funding available to eligible students to help fund their post-secondary education.

The Financial Aid Office is here to help current or prospective students with finding and accessing funding sources that are available to them.

The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) is available to eligible Ontario residents. The application process is online through the OSAP website. Students that apply for OSAP on-time and are eligible for at least $1 in assistance will receive an automatic deferral of fees and deposits. Aid is in the form of loans and grants with the option for students to opt out of the loans. OSAP loans need to be repaid however they are interest free and payment free while the student is in a confirmed full time study program. If you need help with your application there is more specific information available on your Student Portal, including instructions on how to upload your required documents. Students can also review the Webinar created by the National Student Loans Service Centre to help students and parents learn more about government student loans and grants.

Students that are Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents of Canada but are not considered to be a resident of Ontario can apply for aid through their home province. The application process and required information will vary across Canada. Students receiving aid can submit a Request for Fee Deferral to request at no cost a deferral on their registration deposit and fees. For more information and links to each provincial aid application, visit the Government of Canada website.

Residents of the United States receive a tuition discount and pay the same tuition fees as a Canadian resident. This significantly reduces the overall cost of obtaining your degree. Although residents of the United States do not qualify for the International admissions awards, they can qualify for the International Emergency Bursary, the Academic Success Bursary, and Athletic Awards. Certain programs may also be eligible for funding through Veterans Affairs. Note that Algoma University is not an eligible school for FAFSA. More information is available within this publication and on the Student Portal.

International student fees at Algoma University are amongst the lowest in Canada. Our generous admissions scholarships also provide significant financial assistance for international students entering with a high average. International students can apply for the Emergency Bursary and the Academic Success Bursary and may wish to take advantage of the opportunities to work on campus. More information is available within this publication and on the Student Portal.

Are you a current or former individual in Extended Society Care and interested in studying at Algoma University? Here is what you need to know:

  • 100% Tuition Bursary – Our Exceptional Expense Bursary provides up to 100% of the tuition each year for students that qualify 
  • We guarantee Residence accommodations for first-year students
  • You may be eligible for a Living and Learning Grant through the Government of Ontario. This grant provides additional funds above the regular full-time OSAP. After applying for OSAP, contact the financial aid office for details on the review process to be considered for this grant. 
  • Refund of application fees – you may be eligible for a reimbursement of your application fee. Visit the Ontario website for more information.
  • You can apply for the First Generation Bursary. This bursary is posted on your Student Portal during the month of October and students can re-apply each year of study. 

There are programs available to students that voluntarily self-identified as being Anishinaabe (First Nations, Metis or Inuit). More information on self-identification is available on our Anishinaabe page.

Post-secondary Student Support Program

Federal government funding may be available for eligible Anishinaabe students enrolled at Algoma University in an eligible program. Please visit the Government of Canada website for details. If sponsored, please submit via email to the Accounts Office a copy of your sponsor letter prior to or at the time of registering so that your deposits and fees can be deferred.

Indigenous Student Bursary

The Ontario Indigenous Student Bursary program is available to eligible students studying on a part or full time basis at Algoma University. Applications are posted in October each year through the Student Portal. For more information visit the Government of Ontario website. 

Ontario Indigenous Travel Grant

This Grant can assist you with the cost of traveling between your remote First Nations  community to Algoma University. For more information and to apply, visit the Government of Ontario website. 

Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards for Anishinaabe Students

Students that want to learn more about supports specific for students that are First Nations, Metis, or Inuit of Canada can review this publication


External Opportunities and Information

Metis Student Bursary Program

Funding is available from the Metis Nation of Ontario for Metis students enrolled at Algoma University. Please visit the Metis Nation of Ontario website for more information. The application link for this bursary is on the Student Portal

Indigenous Bursaries Search Tool

Visit the Government Of Canada website to use a search tool to find other available bursaries, scholarships and incentives for Indigenous students.


To identify as a student with a disability, students can use the Government of Ontario’s Disability Verification Form. Students receiving OSAP will need to upload this form directly to their OSAP application. Those not receiving OSAP can forward the form to the Learning Centre. From a financial perspective, the benefit of self-identification is that you are considered to be a full-time student at a 40% course load. 

Access to Awards and Financial Support with Reduced Course Load

Students with a confirmed disability are considered full time for financial aid and awards at a 40% course load. This means where an award would typically require a full-time course load, students with a confirmed disability will be considered for that award when taking a minimum 40% course load. 

Bursaries and Grants for Students with Disabilities

The Governments of Ontario and Canada provide funding to eligible students to help pay for disability-related equipment and/or services required for education, including the cost of a psycho-educational assessment in advance of post-secondary studies where required. Students can contact the Learning Centre for more information and can apply using this form.

Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards for Students with Disabilities

If you have a disability and want to learn more about specific scholarships, bursaries and awards specific for you, please review this publication.

Domestic students with a low-income that are pursuing their first postsecondary credential or are upgrading may wish to apply for the Algoma Special Bursary Program. This program provides 100% of tuition, fees, and book coverage in the form of non-repayable bursary aid for students that are not receiving assistance from any other program. The maximum aid per year (September – August) is $7500. Students whose primary source of income is Ontario Disability Support Program or Ontario Works will receive first consideration however we invite all eligible students to apply.

We offer work programs, scholarships, bursaries and awards that are based on financial need. This publication provides information and summarizes opportunities. For more information about working on campus, click here. You may also want to visit our Bursaries page for information on programs designed to support those with a financial need.

Your overall wellness can play an important role in how successful you will be throughout your studies and after graduation. After all, if you are stressed about how you will cover your rent you will not be fully focused on your courses. Please visit our Financial Wellness page for more information.