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As part of the School of Computer Science & Technology, our Computer Science program delivers an innovative and cutting-edge education in two unique locations, Sault Ste. Marie and Brampton.

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Students studying Computer Science will gain a strong theoretical and practical foundation in the study of algorithms, programming languages, hardware architecture, systems software, application software, and tools. They will also develop a solid foundation in data structure, programming, assembly language programming, computer organization, operating systems, theory, software engineering, and computer networking. Students also have the opportunity to explore their individual interests and take courses in artificial intelligence, human-computer interactions, and web data management, among others!

Above all, our computer science program values and encourages creativity and innovation. Students are given the opportunity to create new designs and explore their creative and unique ideas with faculty who are excited and equipped to guide students in the process of exploration.

Our students explore how Computer Science reaches far beyond theory and practice, driving innovation in the sciences, with examples such as the Human Genome Project and AIDs vaccine research, and leading developments in engineering, business, entertainment, and education. Wherever your passions and creativity lead, studies in Computer Science will take you there!

What is particularly unique about studies in Computer Science is that experiments can be carried out in a simulated virtual laboratory. Your creativity needs no limits because even ideas that, for now, exist outside of the realm of physical possibility, can be carried out in a computer lab. Computer scientists can simulate outcomes before they happen, including mapping out natural disasters and population growth under a variety of different circumstances.

Introducing our Master’s of Computer Science Program

This course-based program is designed for Bachelor's degree graduates in computer science, information technology (IT) and related areas.

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Hands-on learning, a close-knit campus community, and caring faculty.

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Accelerated Degree

You could earn a computer science degree in as little as 12 months at Algoma University.

For students who hold a degree in any discipline, earn a Computer Science Degree in as little as 12 months at Algoma University’s computer science program, and fill the need and high demand for Computer Scientists in today’s technologically advanced society. With a background in Computer Science, you have access to some of the highest starting salaries in today’s workplace!

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Collaborative Online Bridging Program

College graduates could earn a Bachelor of Computer Science in as little 12 months by entering this innovative pathway program.

The collaborative online Bridging Program consists of six online courses to be taken between May and September. Upon successful completion of the Bridging Program, students receive advance standing to transition directly to Algoma University’s Bachelor of Computer Science in Sault Ste. Marie.

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Computer Science Co-op

The new Computer Science Co-operative Education Programs offers students a degree with academic co-op credit embedded into the program.

Students will gain valuable work experience as they will be given the opportunity to take leadership on small-scale projects and to be mentored by industry experts. By combining semesters of classroom study with semesters of full-time employment in career-related positions, students will have the best of both worlds as they apply their formal learning to the workplace, and vice-versa.

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Customize your degree to include something you love! Students enrolled in the four-year Bachelor of Computer Science (B.Cosc.) program can further enhance the quality of their degree by specializing in one of three areas: computer game technology; computer game technology and creative arts; or mobile software engineering.

In the computer game technology specialization, students will apply their foundational programming knowledge to the design and development of video game software. The program focuses on a complete overview of game development, from the initial code to the finished product, with courses covering computer graphics, the games marketplace, game artificial intelligence, and gameplay design. Students will develop skills in the analysis, design, programming, and testing of computer consoles, mobiles, PC, and hand-held video games. Graduates of this specialization often use their gaming projects courses to develop a sophisticated portfolio that can be used when seeking employment.

The computer game technology and creative arts specialization enables students who are interested in the artistic aspects of computer games, such as the writing of plots, the development of game flow, and the development of graphics and music, to extend their analysis and design skills to these areas. Courses include those in the games marketplace, software engineering, gameplay design, and artificial intelligence. In addition to the courses taken within the standard computer games technology stream, in the creative arts specialization, students will also explore courses in music, English and/or fine arts to develop a game design complement to their programming skills. Students must complete at least 18 credits in English, fine arts, and/or music.

The Mobile Software Engineering specialization enables the student to apply the foundation skills of Computer Science to the development of applications and systems that implement the use of mobile devices in modern computer systems. This allows them to develop expertise in what is becoming a predominant part of the application of computer technology. The students will study the range of applications of mobile devices and will learn to develop applications on a variety of mobile platforms. The graduate will be able to apply the use of mobile devices in business, industry, social media and gaming. The specialization requires the student to do at least one major project that can form the basis for a portfolio of skills as they seek employment in the industry.


The required Computer Science courses are identical in each degree, however the Bachelor of Computer Science (BCOSC) has less rigorous requirements in Mathematics and Sciences than the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSc).

Many students will likely prefer to earn the BCOSC degree since it is an easier degree having reduced math and science courses. For stronger students who are more well prepared, it is highly recommended that they take the more rigorous BSc in Computer Science as it is a stronger degree.

Both degrees provide students with the necessary skills to be successful in the computing and information technology industries. However, the BSc provides students with additional skills that will open opportunities in high-end scientific and mathematical research institutions.

Please see the minimum laptop/desktop PC recommendations for Bachelor in Computer Programs (Honours) students here.

Hardware Recommendations

Graduate Certificate in Information Technology

Gain essential skills in programming, software development, object-oriented analysis and design, web technologies and databases, e-business strategy, and project management, which complements your existing critical thinking and communication abilities.

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