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Transfers and Pathways

Turn your college diploma into a university degree

Algoma U is committed to ensuring that the transfer from college to university is as seamless as possible. We offer transfer credit with all Ontario colleges to provide college graduates with maximum course recognition for their prior learning experience.

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2+2 & Exceptional Agreements

Introducing our exciting 2+2 & Exceptional Agreements diploma to degree pathways with Ontario colleges.

Qualifying students in eligible programs can complete their diploma studies at select Ontario colleges and move on to Algoma University to complete their degree in four years. This provides students with an opportunity to earn two credentials, combine theoretical and practical learning, gain experience at two institutions and achieve overall student success.

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How to Apply

Before applying, our admissions team can assess your transfer credits on an unofficial basis. An official, detailed transfer credit report will be provided once an application for admission has been received and an offer of admission has been issued.

Instructions on how to apply as a college transfer, college graduate or mature student can be found in the Apply section. Pathways Scholarships are available to students that have graduated with an Ontario college diploma or advanced diploma with a 3.0 GPA (70%) and attended Algoma University within 12 months of graduation.

Transfer Credit Policy & Assessment

We ensure that the transfer from college to university is as seamless as possible.

Joint Admissions Program

Secure your admission to Algoma U while completing your studies at select Ontario Colleges.