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International Partnerships

Algoma University works with a range of different partners worldwide!

These partners include Education Consultants, Language Pathway Partners, and in-country University Representatives, to provide in-country service to students wishing to apply to Algoma University. To ensure transparency and discourage misrepresentation, below you will find a list of our most up to date partners from around the world.

Contact: [email protected]


SLIIT Campus
Academic Pathway Partners

Discover official pathways from education institutions around the world to academic studies at Algoma University.

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Language Pathway Partners

Explore official agreements that Algoma University has with a variety of Language Pathway Partners that provide a direct path to our academic programs.

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Registered Agents

“Agents”, sometimes also known as “Education Consultants”, are registered partners of Algoma University. Agents are available to provide guidance on the admissions process with Algoma University so that you can focus on choosing the institution that best serves your education and career goals! Explore our list of registered agents to ensure you’re getting your information from a trusted source.

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Regional Representatives

Regional Representatives are employed directly by Algoma University, and are based in a particular region to provide additional resources to guide students through the admissions process with Algoma University! To ensure transparency and discourage misrepresentation, below you will find a list of our regional representatives from around the world.

Regional representatives are subject to change.


headshotNisha Dharmwal

Regional Representative, South Asia (including Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka)
[email protected]
+91 8595409929


Vishal HeadshotVishal Chopra

Regional Representative, India
[email protected]
[email protected]



Bhanu Vashishth

Regional Representative, Africa
[email protected]



Claudia headshotClaudia Ortiz

Regional Representative, Latin America
[email protected]



Jabin headshotJabin Benetiz

Regional Representative, Philippines
[email protected]

International Recruitment Team