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Co-Curricular Record

The Co-Curricular Record (CCR) is an official document that recognizes your accomplishments and the experiential learning that occurs outside of the classroom including campus life, community engagement, volunteer and service leadership.

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Jonathan Coulman

Manager, Experiential Learning and Strategic Initiatives

[email protected]


The CCR is an official record of university-approved and facilitated activities that support student development in venues that are not for academic credit. Comparable to the academic transcript, the CCR is a clear statement of involvement in activities that support holistic student development.

The CCR recognizes ‘out-of-class’ activities for all students including student-life programs, leadership development, community service learning and other involved activities that contribute to your student experience. It is a great opportunity for students to track, record, and print a record of their affiliated volunteer and leadership involvement.

Not only will this document be complementary to an academic transcript, but to a resume as well. The transferable skills obtained from volunteering can contribute to increased employability skills. You can even include this document in a graduate school application to verify your involvement on campus.

There are many opportunities to earn co-curricular inclusion on campus. The list below highlights some but there are many, many more. For a complete list log onto the Student Portal and see if your activity is listed.

Activity Participation
  • Student Government (AUSU/SASA)
  • Intramural Sports Team
  • Student Club or Association
  • Varsity Sports Team
  • Art/Drama/Music (not for credit)
  • AURA Radio
  • Exchange Program
  • Orientation Volunteer
  • ASAP – Algoma Student Ambassador Program
  • WUSC Committee Member
  • Food Bank Committee
  • Competitions – not for credit (ACM, etc.)


To make a request for co-curricular inclusion or to get a copy of your CCR, please login to the Student Portal.