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noun, also known as Welcome Week

  • A week long event, dedicated to welcoming new students
  • A mandatory New Student Training Day to help you succeed
  • Engaging social programming to introduce you to peers
Students at orientation
Spring 2024

Join us for Spring 2024 Orientation!

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Learn About your Orientation Group
Wise Owl
Wise Orange Owls

The owl sees things through a different lens than others. They are messengers, and these messages can be an opportunity for learning or expression. They have a strong intuition and insight, and have a deep connection to wisdom, good judgement, and knowledge. Reach out to a Wise Orange Owls, as they are able to assist others with change and transition!


Beastly Bear
Beastly Black Bears

The bear is a protector and patroller. They can walk on their hind legs, just as humans, and are a symbol of physical strength, courage, and leadership. They overcome adversities and are committed to protecting their youth. Get to know a Beastly Black Bear and experience an education that is larger than life!

Proud Porcupine
Proud Golden Porcupines

The porcupine is a respected animal. A lot of the natural world is fearful of it because of their quills, which are used as a natural defence system. Even though others are fearful, they remain modest and humble. The Proud Golden Porcupines will teach you to face your fears head-first!

Fearless Fox
Fearless Red Foxes

The fox is a smart and cunning animal. They know how to survive through their “trickster” personality. They have a high sense of awareness, the ability to adapt to any environment, and are very insightful. Get to know a Fearless Red Fox, and you may learn something new!

Loyal Lynx
Loyal Silver Lynxes

The lynx is a great hunter and provider; they take on a leadership role of teaching their young their ways. They are sustainable, and have the ability to acknowledge the different aspects of each season. They display responsible and socially acceptable behaviour, and are great listeners. A Loyal Silver Lynx is a great support system to have!

Mighty Moose
Mighty Blue Moose

Moose are a majestic animal, symbolizing endurance and survival. They are great navigators, and take care of their young. Although sometimes clumsy, they maintain a graceful and strong personality. The Mighty Blue Moose will uplift your attitude and always keep you smiling!