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Travel Readiness

Below you will find information on how to prepare yourself to travel to Canada.

If you are an international student planning on travelling to Canada, please register for one of our Pre-Arrival Support Sessions.



Important Travel Dates

The last day to submit a visa for participation in the W23 Semester is:

  • Project Management: CLOSED
  • All Other Graduate Certificates – December 9th, 2022 by 11:59 p.m. EST.
  • All Bachelor Degrees – December 9th, 2022 by 11:59 p.m. EST.

Spots for the 23SP semester are limited. Prompt deferral is recommended to secure your spot for 23SP.

Visa Document Submission


Winter 2023 recommended Arrival Window:

December 12th, 2022  to January 09th, 2023

  • Proof of COVID-19 vaccination is not required
  • COVID-19 pre-entry and arrival tests are not required
  • Quarantine, after you enter Canada, is not required
  • Using ArriveCAN is not required
    • if you’re flying into Toronto Pearson, Vancouver or Montréal-Trudeau international airports, you can still use ArriveCAN to complete your Advance CBSA Declaration to save time upon arrival
  • Pre-boarding tests for cruise passengers are not required
  • As always, travel documents are required
  • Health checks to board planes and trains are not required
  • Wearing masks on planes and trains is not required
    • It’s still strongly recommended that you wear a high-quality and well-fitted mask or respirator while you travel

If you have symptoms of COVID-19, you shouldn’t travel to Canada. If you feel sick or experience any symptoms of COVID-19 during your travel to Canada or upon arrival, you should:

  • inform the flight attendant, cruise staff or a border services officer upon arrival. You may be referred to a Quarantine Officer for a health assessment and further direction.
  • avoid taking public transportation
  • check provincial or territorial requirements for what you need to do if you’re symptomatic or have tested positive for COVID-19


For more information, click here.

Make sure you are registered for classes and have any immigration or study permit-related documents before planning your travel.

Complete all required forms as soon as possible to ensure we know your expected arrival date and have your information.

It is best to contact the Arrival Team and any other Algoma U teams early with any questions you may have because most of our teams experience a high volume of emails in the last few weeks of the Arrival Window and will be delayed in responding at those times.

Always include your student number in all emails as this is how we track our communications and records.

Review the Government of Canada website, as it is your responsibility as a traveller to know and understand all arrival requirements.

I have not received a response from the Arrival Team or other teams, what should I do?

Algoma U international support teams can be delayed in responding by several days and only work Monday to Friday. 

Sending the same email multiple times can make this delay even longer. The Algoma U Teams generally reply to messages from oldest to newest so expect a response to your oldest message first. Please refrain from replying to your email without receiving a response first. Doing so makes the message more “new” and we see it much later than we would have. If you need to contact a team again with new information please do so in a new email.

Can I travel outside of the designated dates?

Students should only travel within the recommended arrival window that has been indicated. If you have booked outside of the recommended dates, it is recommended that you reschedule your flight.

No accommodation will be made by the university to remedy any negative academic and/or financial outcomes that arise from choosing to travel outside of the supported dates.

I cannot access my Algoma U student email

If you are a new student of Algoma U and do not know how to access your Student Portal and AU email account please click here to learn how.

To access your Algoma U Email account, follow these simple steps:

  • Go to gmail.com
  • Log in with your Algoma U email address
  • Your email address is username@algoma.ca, for example, dreid@algomau.ca
  • Enter your Algoma U password
  • Your password will be the same for all Algoma U online services. If you have not set up your Algoma U account yet, click here. You need to have received and accepted your Algoma U Offer of Admission in order to set up your account.

If you already use Gmail for a different email address, please follow the following instructions. We recommend that you set your Algoma U account as your default account on the device that you will be using for your studies.

  • Open Gmail and click the icon in the top right corner (containing your first initial or photo).
  • Click “Sign out of all accounts” to remove your personal Gmail as your default account.
  • Click “Use another account”.
  • Log in with your Algoma U account information
  • You have now successfully set your algomau.ca Gmail as default! This will allow you to access internal forms and stay up to date on all Algoma
  • If this doesn’t work, we recommend you submit a ticket to the Information Technology Service Desk.

If I have questions about courses or need assistance with registration, whom do I contact?

If you are a degree-bound student you should contact your academic advisor. 

All other students should contact the registrar’s office at regoffice@algomau.ca to adjust or register for courses.


I’m not registered for classes, what do I do?

You should: 

(1) contact your recruitment advisor to accept your offer if you haven’t already, and 

(2) reach out to the Registrar’s Office or your advisor depending on your program.

Please note that we no longer supply a Travel support letter.

Please review our Pre Arrival page for details about preparing to travel.

How do I receive my Confirmation of Enrollment (COE)?

The Registrar’s Office issues the Confirmation of Enrollment through the Student Portal. You will need one for the semester in which you are travelling. You can purchase and download your COE directly from your Student Portal. After accessing your Student Portal, click on Academics, then click on Documents and Confirmation of Enrolment will be an option. If you have any questions please email regoffice@algomau.ca.

I have documents from the previous semester, are they still valid?

No, most documents and the Confirmation of Enrollment are generally only valid for one semester at a time. You will need to order a new document if the previous one has expired.


If you are looking to stay in the on-campus residence in Sault Ste. Marie please visit this webpage and contact the housing coordinator Rose Linklater at rosetta.linklater@algomau.ca.


If you want to live off campus, please visit this webpage for more information.