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Public Disclosure of Documents

We are committed to transparency, accountability and public disclosure

In accordance with Algoma University’s commitment to transparency, accountability and public disclosure, this section of the website provides stakeholders and the community at large with access to the key documents and reports that we use as planning tools and as barometers of our success.

Academic Plan

At its June 3, 2016 meeting the Algoma University Senate approved a five-year rolling Academic Plan (2016-2021) that lays out the foundations that undergird the development of Algoma University’s programming in all areas. This plan will guide new program development and careful review of programming already in place. The purpose of this document is to provide an update of the previous Five-Year Academic Plan (2010-2015) which was approved by Senate in March 2010.  Specifically, the updates will focus on providing the current status of academic programs as well as program development. Divisional priorities with their associated timelines will also be introduced as a new but important component of the plan. Should you like to view the 2006-2011 Academic Plan, it’s available here.

The Academic Planning Committee of Senate makes annual recommendations to Senate for program renewal, and the Strategic Plan has largely been built around these recommendations.

Algoma University Act

Bill 80: An Act to establish Algoma University and to dissolve Algoma University College , which received Royal Assent on June 18, 2008, dissolved Algoma University College and re-established the institution as Algoma University. Bill 80 has been enacted as Chapter 13 of the Statutes of Ontario, 2008.

Audited Financial Statements

For a  complete list of the university, pension and foundation statements please view our Audited Financial Statements section.

Community Reports

Algoma University takes great pride in the accomplishments of students, faculty, and staff, and is pleased to share them in the Community Report 2014 (PDF) and Community Report 2013 (PDF), along with some key institutional data.

Institutional Plan

Algoma University has completed its second strategic plan as the province of Ontario’s nineteenth and newest university. The Algoma University Institutional Plan 2010-2015 (PDF) was approved by the Board of Governors on March 11, 2010 and by the Algoma University Senate on March 5, 2010.

Statement on Truth and Reconciliation: Calls to Action and Beyond

Statement on Truth and Reconciliation: Calls to Action and Beyond (PDF)

Algoma University’s Board of Governors, with the support of its many partners, but notably the Children of Shingwauk Alumni Association and the Shingwauk Education Trust, proclaims its profound support for the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s 94 Calls to Action…and beyond.

Strategic Mandate Agreement

The Strategic Mandate Agreements (SMAs) between individual universities and the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development (the ministry) outline the role that each university currently performs in the post-secondary education system and how it will build on its current strengths to achieve its vision and help drive system-wide objectives articulated by the ministry’s Differentiation Policy Framework. Please view the 2015-2016 Strategic Mandate Agreement (PDF), 2017-2020 Strategic Mandate Agreement (PDF) and 2020-2025 Strategic Mandate Agreement (PDF).

Strategic Mandate Statement

The Strategic Mandate Statement (PDF) sets out the institutional vision and six components of differentiation that are unique to Algoma University.

Strategic Plan

The 2016-2021 Strategic Plan (PDF) sets the institution’s direction and priorities for the next five years.