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Sault Ste. Marie Housing

As an Algoma University student at any of our campuses, we want to ensure you are prepared with the resources and information you need to make an informed decision that is best for you!

Please click through the links below for more information about on and off-campus housing, short-term and long-term accommodations, trip planning and arrival process, and resources on how to start your search.


International Travellers:

Please note that these are resources that should only be accessed after accepting your offer, paying your tuition deposit and successfully completing your course registration. We also strongly encourage students to seek long-term housing prior to arriving in Canada.

Shingwauk hall
Welcome to Sault Ste Marie!

Out city is a dynamic and welcoming place to call home. Sault Ste. Marie has lots of arts and culture, sports, history, and student centric nightlife. Located in the heart of the Great Lakes, you will find a natural backdrop of forests, mountains, lakes and rivers!

Visit the City of Sault Ste. Marie for more information.

Residence Life

Whether living in our dormitories or in our townhouses, all of Algoma University’s residence options feature a private, single room. Our accessible residences are centrally located on our campus and are within a two-minute walk to classes, computer labs, the George Leach Centre, the Speakeasy, cafeteria, and major transit routes.

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Algoma University has partnered with the Canada Homestay Network (CHN) to provide homestay accommodations. CHN offers students unlimited support and will match you with a welcoming family who will provide accommodation, English and cultural immersion and all meals during your stay.

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How to Start your Search

Finding the right apartment or home to rent can be difficult and stressful. The secret is to plan ahead, and we’re here to help! Here are some helpful tips for finding the best rental homes and apartments in Sault Ste. Marie.

International Travellers: please note that these are resources that should only be accessed after completing our Algoma University Quarantine Readiness Plan and Arrival Process, linked here. We strongly encourage students to seek long-term housing prior to arriving in Canada.

  • Affordability: How much can you afford each month and still have money left over for your other expenses? (For example, tuition and fees, textbooks, cell phone service, food, groceries, transit fees, parking, etc.)
  • Location: How close do you want to be to school, or family and friends?
  • Parking and public transportation: If you have a car, how accessible is parking? If you don’t have a car, how easy is it to go to the campus by walking, or by public transportation?
  • Surroundings: Do you want to be at the centre of activity, or in the quiet suburbs?
  • Availability: Some rental properties are harder to find during certain months of the year. Can you wait to move for a few months so you have more variety to choose from?
  • Safety: Does the rental property meet all the safety and security requirements?

Getting Started:

  • “For Rent”
  • “Listings”


  • “Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario”

Type of Accommodation:

  • “Apartment”
  • “House”

Impact Cost:

  • “Affordable”
  • “# of Bedrooms”


  • “Include Utilities”
  • “House Share”
  • “Pets Allowed

Please note that Algoma University has no direct or indirect affiliation with any of the organizations above. We are simply providing the information for you to access if you wish to pursue off-campus housing.