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Our Music Program

Our music program follows a holistic approach to music instruction, striking a balance between ensemble playing, refinement of solo skills, technical, artistic, and aural growth, supported by a rich array of music technology, audio, theory, and history courses.

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Our three-year Bachelor of Arts degree provides an excellent foundation for students who wish to explore music as a career by developing the fundamentals of performance, theory, and musicianship. We strive to create an inclusive, learning-centred experience, which involves all music students at a comfortable level. Development of reliable performance skill is nurtured through weekly performance classes, where you will discover and develop your musical voice. We offer courses in performance, audio arts, conducting and a variety of music theory courses. We also provide an extensive variety of jazz-based courses. Performance courses are offered in the following areas: piano, organ, guitar, voice, violin, viola, cello, string bass, flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, trumpet, horn, trombone, tuba, percussion, jazz piano, and jazz guitar.

Our music faculty demonstrate a profound commitment to their craft through continued national and international active recording, teaching and research careers. We train young musicians to embrace their chosen art specialty as a vital, living language. When words fall short – music takes over! At Algoma U, we believe that music is an essential part of the human experience.

For those who choose to enter the workforce upon graduation, below is a list of some of the career paths our graduates have chosen or can choose with a music degree: arranger, arts administrator/arts management, composer, copyist, transcriber, cruise ship entertainer, educator, entrepreneur, film , TV, video game scoring, freelancing, lyricist, music industry, music therapist,musical theatre, musicologist, orchestrator, performer, pit orchestra musician, religious music – sacred music, songwriter, summer camp music director/staff, and many more.

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Hands-on learning, a close-knit campus community, and caring faculty.

Our Courses

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Audition Requirements

Preparing for your audition

Students applying to our Music program must audition as part of the application process. Audition requirements vary greatly by the instrument.

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Great Lakes International Summer Music Institute

A two-week university credit program opportunity

Algoma University “Great Lakes International Summer Music Institute” is designed as a two-week university credit program opportunity for advanced musicians at a pre-professional level; specifically for students in secondary school (Grade 11-12) and/or college/university students.


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Career Outcomes

For those who choose to enter the workforce upon graduation, below is a list of some of the career paths our graduates have chosen or can choose with a music degree.

  • Accompanist (public and private schools, music schools and performing arts camps; religious centers and schools; dance rehearsals and performances; other venues. Also see “Collaborative pianist.”)
  • Acoustician (acoustics engineer)
  • Adjudicator
  • Alexander Technique (Certified instructor)
  • Arranger
  • Artist-in-Residence
  • Artistic Advisory Board Member
  • Artist manager
  • Arts Council Administration
  • Arts administrator/arts management (includes grant writing and fundraising, managing events, arts advocacy, programming, house manager)
  • Audio production (editing, audio engineering, audio development)
  • Ballet Orchestra Musician
  • Band director (K-12, college, military, sports)
  • Blues Musician
  • Broadcasting
  • Carilloneur
  • Chamber Musician
  • Church: Musician, Organist, Music Director
  • Clinician
  • Collaborative artist / pianist
  • College Faculty Member
  • Community Center Entertainment Director
  • Community music school director
  • Composer (professional and school band/orchestra; film/TV/gaming; educational publishing; children’s music; religious music; musical theatre; commercials)
  • Concert Pianist
  • Concert Organizer / Promoter
  • Conductor (professional, college, and youth orchestras; community orchestras; international opportunities)
  • Conservatory of Music faculty Member / Instructor
  • Copyist, transcriber
  • Copyright consultant
  • Cruise ship entertainer
  • Digital and Gaming Music Specialist
  • Educator (K-12, college-level, community music schools, religious organizations, private studio, international)
  • Electronic production and design (including audio engineering, mastering, mixing, music directing, producing, program directing, programming, recording engineer, studio manager, MIDI technician)
  • Entrepreneur (self-employed businesses. Musicians often work as entrepreneurs within other career fields on this list.)
  • Entertainment lawyer; music business lawyer
  • Environmental Music Designer
  • Ethnomusicologist
  • Event production, management, planning, technology (also see “Arts Management.”)
  • Feldenkreis Instructor
  • Film music director
  • Film , TV, video game scoring (composing, editing, supervising, arranging/adapting, conducting, orchestrating, synthesis specialist, theme specialist. Also see “Composing.”)
  • Foley Artist
  • Folk Musician
  • Freelancing
  • Fundraiser, grant writer
  • Historian (studios, museums, universities)
  • Instrument builder, designer
  • Instrument company or music store (owner, manager, sales associate)
  • Instrument distributor
  • Instrument repair and restoration
  • Jazz Musician
  • Lecturer (schools, media, cruise ships, community)
  • Luthier
  • Lyricist
  • Marketing
  • Master classes
  • Media development
  • Medical Doctor Specializing in Musician’s Injuries
  • Merchandising (management, sales, advertising)
  • Military bands (performing, conducting, arranging, administration)
  • Music agent / Artist Management
  • Music aggregator
  • Music app developer
  • Music business (several of the careers on this list fit under this category)
  • Music critic, reviewer, blogger
  • Music Conference Staff and/or Administration
  • Music Contractor
  • Music curator
  • Music Festival Staff / Administration
  • Music Foundation Staff and/or Administration
  • Music industry (several of the careers on this list fit under this category)
  • Music Instructional Method Book Author / Publisher
  • Music librarian
  • Music licensing
  • Music Non-Profit Organization Staff and/or Administration
  • Music production
  • Music programmer (for events, clubs, restaurants)
  • Music publishing (online and print writing, copywriting, editing, managing, proofreading, publishing, researching)
  • Music supervisor
  • Music Theorist
  • Music therapist
  • Music Store Owner
  • Music web producer
  • Musical theatre (directing, performing, coaching)
  • Musician-in-Residence
  • Musicians unions and associations (administrative jobs)
  • Musicologist
  • Navy Band or Chorus Member
  • Opera coach
  • Opera Orchestra Musician
  • Orchestrator
  • Orchestral Music Librarian
  • Performer (Vocal and instrumental soloist, session musician, orchestra/band/group member, house band member, backup vocalist, live instrumentalists for ballet/musical theatre/opera; instrumentalists and vocalists for film, tv, and touring show soundtracks. Venues may include traditional auditoriums and music halls as well as business meetings, conferences, cruise ships, weddings, hotels, restaurants, clubs, art museums & studios, religious events, military music events.)
  • Performing Arts Center Staff / Administration
  • Personnel Manager (orchestras, arts organizations, shows, events)
  • Piano and organ tuner, mover, salesperson, maker
  • Piano Tuner / Technician
  • Pit orchestra musician
  • Private Home Studio Music Teacher
  • Producer
  • Product demonstrator (at conferences, shows, schools)
  • Promoter
  • Public relations agent or coordinator
  • Radio (announcing, librarian, manager, programming, research, station broker)
  • Recording (producer, engineer)
  • Recruiter for talent agencies, universities, etc.
  • Religious music – sacred music
  • Royalty analyst, royalty accountant
  • Session musician
  • Software developer
  • Songwriter (including composer, lyricist, producer; jingle writing for television, radio and internet; freelance work; librettist)
  • Sound design
  • Sound engineer or technician
  • String Quartet-in-Residence
  • Summer camp music director/staff
  • Suzuki Piano Instructor
  • Suzuki Strings Instructor
  • Talent representation (booking, management)
  • Talent scout
  • Theatre, concert hall (booking agent, manager, promoter, technician)
  • Therapeutic music (performer at hospices and in hospitals and nursing homes)
  • Tours/road work (road manager, merchandise manager, merchandise sales, sound engineer, technician, tour director, tour promoter, tour publicist)
  • Vocal Coach
  • Wedding Musician
  • Wellness (injury prevention and intervention)
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