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Application Process

Algoma University welcomes students from across the globe while supporting Algoma students to study, research and internship abroad!  There is an application process for both types of exchange programs as outlined below.

Taylor Jaehrling

Coordinator, Global Engagement & Mobility

[email protected]


Algoma University welcomes exchange students from international partner universities with whom there is a bilateral exchange agreement. Exchange studies do not lead to an Algoma U degree but will be counted towards the exchange student’s degree in their home university. Exchange studies may consist of courses, a final thesis, and/or project work.

All nominations for student exchanges must come from the international office of the applicant’s home institution. Students wishing to participate in an exchange with Algoma U must contact their own International Office first.

Length of the Exchange

The length of a study exchange may be one or two semesters, depending on the terms of the bilateral agreement between Algoma U and the partner university concerned:

  • Fall semester (September – December)
  • Winter semester (January – April)

Once students are nominated by their home institutions, international exchange students can submit their application online to Algoma U. Application fees are waived for exchange students.

  • Complete the Algoma U application.
  • Upload official transcripts via the online portal.
  • Send proof of English language requirements (if applicable); Not required for those students who are accepted to our ESL program as part of the exchange program.

Apply for accommodation (Residence or Homestay). Please note that homestay option is NOT available for exchange students who are studying academic courses.

Proof of English language proficiency is required for international students to attend Algoma University. Please review the requirements here.

Fall and Winter courses are available for you and your advisor’s review at your home institution. Exchange students’ course registration will be confirmed after they arrive at Algoma U. The detailed timetables (with course days, times, names of teachers, classrooms, etc.) and all instructions will be given during the Exchange Student Orientation Week.

How To Get Started
  1. Attend a mandatory international mobility program information session. (in-person or virtual)
  2. Fill out the Student Exchange Program Application.
    • Applications for the Fall 2023 and Winter 2024 semester are due February 10th, 2023. 
  1. Research international mobility programs of your interest that are offered at our partner institutions.