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When you look back at your Algoma experience, our hope is that it will be defined by more than what you’ve learned in the classroom.

It will be the experience of life moments that will shape you and the creation of bonds that will last.

staff and student talking in front of window

Our three-year accounting program is the perfect fit for students who have an aptitude for numbers, organizing, and analytical problem-solving skills.

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Anishinaabe Studies

A holistic approach to teaching and learning provides an emphasis on cultural values, respect for tradition in contemporary society, and so much more.

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student holding ceremonial drum

Anishinaabemowin is a unique program, offering basic- to advanced-level instruction in the Ojibwe language and culture.

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student at microscope

With forests and fields, lakes and rivers, and plenty of wildlife, there’s no better place for students explore the biological study of living things.

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Business Administration

Aside from learning in a diverse classroom setting, you’re also given plenty of opportunities to network and build upon your connections in the business world.

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Community Development

This program provides students with the skills needed to effectively work with a variety of communities and bring about societal change.

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Community Economic and Social Development

Fight for social and economic equality, defend human rights, and bring about positive change – that’s what CESD is all about.

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students in computer lab wearing vr headset
Computer Science

This program is known internationally for having one of the most advanced computer game technology specializations.

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This program concentrates on theory, applications, and explorations in current and policy-related issues at the regional, national, and international level.

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You will study in areas such as mathematics, chemistry, and physics in courses that prepare you to enter the exciting world of engineering.

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Students are educated in modes of thought that not only enrich the reading and understanding of language and literature, but to various disciplines outside the study of English.

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environmental science student in a farm
Environmental Science

You will benefit from countless hands-on learning experiences that will allow you to contribute to the current environmental, social, and economic challenges facing humanity in this century.

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Nusrate economics
Finance & Economics

Upon graduation, students will have a solid foundational working knowledge of various economic and financial terms, concepts, and principles.

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Geography, Geology and Land Stewardship

The geography program is ideal for students interested in geographic information systems, remote sensing, climate change, environmental sustainability, research, and regional development.

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Get up close with primary sources and historical writings in this highly-interactive classroom environment on our historical campus.

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Minor in a Subject You Love

Get more out of your degree, minor or specialize in a subject you love.

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Law & Justice

The law and justice program is an all-encompassing and transferable degree – highly sought after in many career paths.

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students standing in group holding instruments outside

Learning to play music stimulates more areas of the brain than almost any other human activity. At Algoma U, we celebrate music.

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Political Science

This degree has three areas of study: Canadian politics, public policy and government; comparative politics and international relations; and political theory, philosophy, and economy.

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This program continues to be one of the University’s most popular programs. We offer two different degrees, tailored to your strengths and interests.

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Social Work

This program has a specific focus on multicultural social work in and with northern, rural, remote, Indigenous, and Franco-Ontarian communities.

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students and professor looking together at book

Students will use a variety of research methods to gain a vital understanding of social movements, race and diversity, gender and sexuality, including surveys, interviews, and so much more.

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students painting canvasses
Visual Arts

Our program focuses on contemporary student practices in painting, drawing, printmaking, and mixed media.

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Algoma University offers a wide range of cultural, academic and social activities that make for a unique, meaningful and life-changing experience for every student. Hundreds have chosen to begin their life journey with us. It’s your turn now!

student and professor working together in office

Our faculty will know you by name, and will provide personal attention and a commitment to your success both inside and outside of the classroom. This is the cornerstone of an Algoma University degree.

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Students have ample opportunities to develop solid research skills in a very supportive, dynamic and creative environment that is linked to our community and the world.