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Student Success

Your one stop shop to success. Algoma University is committed to ensuring that our students succeed and have the most enjoyable University experience.

We know that the transition to university can be difficult, and many students find themselves having a hard time adjusting to the added workload, but we’re here so that you’re never alone. We offer a variety of support services to ensure your success in and out of the classroom.

Our students can take advantage of a variety of academic support services to ensure academic success. We offer everything from study tips, tutoring, academic advising and accessibility services. Consider this your one-stop-shop to success where all of the necessary resources to succeed are at your fingertips!

As a start, please check out our Student Rights and Responsibilities Guide (PDF). The guide addresses the specific rights and responsibilities that students have to prevent disruption to their education, safety, dignity and the enjoyment of their rights.

Meet Our Team

Our main priority is your success! We’re here to help with any of your questions.

Ancillary and Student Services

The Department of Ancillary and Student Services at Algoma University is responsible for enhancing the students, staff, and faculty’s quality of experience at the University by providing a variety of services which support academics and encourages health and student engagement. The department oversees the operations of Student Services (including campus life, academic support, health, and career services), the University’s food services, the bookstore, housing and residences, The Speakeasy (the Algoma U student centre), meeting and conferences, athletics facilities, and varsity sports teams. While many of these areas are accessible to the community, their primary focus is to support students and help them succeed.

We strive to make the University an enjoyable and hospitable environment to learn and work.  Our services aim to provide the highest quality, most efficient, and cost-effective support to the Algoma University community in all our areas of involvement. We only provide the highest standard of services which match Algoma U’s standard of excellence in education, and our provincial, national, and international reputation.

The Career Centre

Take hold of your future and visit The Career Centre in the Experiential Learning Hub. Come discover the variety of career related services and resources.

Academic Advising Campaign for Returning Students

Make an appointment to meet with your faculty advisor and then register for courses either online through the student portal or in person by visiting one of our three campuses.

Algoma Mentorship Program (AMP)

Algoma Mentorship Program (AMP) aims to support and enrich the student experience by providing personal connections, mentorship, and leadership aspects.