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Consortial Exchange Programs

Consortial Exchange Programs is a group of Canadian and International post-secondary institutions that work together to encourage students to gain international academic experience by offering study and research abroad programs across disciplines and countries around the world.


Taylor Jaehrling & Heather Douglas

Coordinator, Global Engagement & Mobility

Office: SH 203

[email protected]

North2North Student Exchange Program

North2North Exchange Program is organised by the University of the Arctic, a consortium of 170 universities, colleges, and other organizations concerned with higher education and research in the eight Arctic countries. The member institutions are committed to sharing resources, facilities, and expertise to create post-secondary education programs that are relevant and accessible to northern students. Algoma University students will have more opportunities to access courses(in person & online) with a special emphasis on the northern region. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in mobility via North2North Exchange Programs to study at another UArctic member institution.

Please see the detailed list of UArtic mobility partner countries and institutions below. Scholarships are available from certain countries.


Circumpolar Studies

The UArctic network promotes a multidisciplinary approach to learning about the Circumpolar North, that includes the understanding of its lands, seas and environments; peoples and cultures; and the contemporary issues facing the region. Circumpolar North regions share many similarities in their environment and socio-economic histories.

UArctic’s member institutions offer a wide variety of northern-relevant programs and courses that you can discover through the Study Catalogue. As an UArtic member institution, Algoma University students will have an opportunity to learn and research with thematic networks of researchers that funcion through UArtic.

Themes of study include:

For more information about these consortial exchange programs, please contact [email protected].