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Algoma University offers more than just a unique classroom experience. For students interested in taking their classroom experience to exotic destinations and foreign countries, they can take part in a variety of exchange program opportunities. Algoma U is committed to providing students with a cross-cultural learning experience, whether on campus, or somewhere else in the world.


Exchange programs are open to Algoma students of all nationalities. To participate, applicants must be currently registered as full-time, degree-seeking students and meet the minimum cumulative average requirement of 70%. Applicants must have completed at least one year of full-time study (24 Algoma credits) by the start of the exchange.

Applying for Exchange Applications

The applicants must attend at least one of the information sessions offered in the fall/winter term. The complete applications must be submitted to the Study Abroad Officer by the end of January every year.

Benefits of Studying Abroad

There are countless benefits to studying abroad. Many of our students have cited their time abroad as being the most enlightening experience and the best part of their university degree. Below are just some of the benefits cited by those who have ventured abroad.


  • Experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Our exchange program allows students to experience what life is like in another country. It allows students the opportunity to travel and learn in a new country, which for many, may be an once-in-a-lifetime experience.
  • Learning a new language. While most Canadian students prefer choosing countries where English is the mother tongue, studying in a country where English is not dominant or widely spoken, provides students with the potential to develop new linguistic skills by being immersed in another language.
  • Educational benefits. By studying abroad, students have the possibility to take courses which are not readily available at their home institution. They are also opened up to the new perspectives and ideas of their host country. While being immersed in a new culture, students have the opportunity to learn in different contexts, educational systems, and be opened to differing worldviews.
  • Building your résumé. The skills, attributes, and new perspectives students gain while studying overseas, along with their willingness to venture outside of their comfort zone, helps with résumé building. Plus, students’ ability to work and succeed in a cross-cultural environment is particularly sought after into today’s competitive labour market in the global world.
  • Affordable experience.  Most are unaware that our exchange program is extremely affordable. Normally, international students pay double their regular tuition to study abroad.  However, at Algoma University, students in our exchange program only pay their home tuition rate and standard fees. Plus the credits earned from their host institution will contribute towards their degree. The only added fees are airfare, accommodation, and spending money.
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Exchange Program Opportunities

Exchange experiences come in all shapes and sizes, from as short as a few weeks to a full year, with many options in between. Find the right one for you!

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Consortial Exchange Programs

Consortial Exchange Programs is a group of Canadian and International post-secondary institutions that work together to encourage students to gain international academic experience by offering study and research abroad programs across disciplines and countries around the world.

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Collaborative Online International Learning Virtual Exchange

COIL-VE (Collaborative Online International Learning Virtual Exchange) is one specific pedagogy within the umbrella of virtual exchange. It is a new teaching and learning paradigm that promotes the development of intercultural competence across shared multicultural learning environments. COIL-VE provides accessibility to those students, especially underrepresented student groups, who may not be able to travel to another country for quality international learning opportunities.

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Student Experiences

Studying abroad allows for cross-cultural and experiential learning.

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International Internship Opportunities

International Internships are another great way to gain experience related to students’ degree programs by applying their academic knowledge and critical thinking skills in work environments.

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Application Process

Learn more about the steps you need to take in order to begin your adventure of studying abroad.


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Pre-Departure Information

Once students have been accepted to exchange programs, it’s important for them to prepare their journey in a timely manner to ensure that they’re on track and meet all responsibilities. 


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