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Academic Internship Opportunities

Algoma University’s Academic Internship courses are designed to help students connect their academic studies to relevant work experience.

Research shows that students are better equipped for future employment when their academic program is combined with work-integrated learning. By providing students with an opportunity to apply their academic knowledge and critical thinking skills in work environments, Internships, like Coop, are another great way for students to gain experience related to their degree program.  The internship option is ideal for students who are interested in gaining work experience but are unable to commit to the three full semesters of placement required for the co-operative education program.


Please contact your faculty advisor or our Internship Course Coordinator at [email protected]

Students can take internship courses in many different disciplines at Algoma University.

Currently, Algoma University offers more than 19 academic internship courses. The current list of Academic Internship Courses is found here and in our Academic Calendar. As an elective credit, students can register for a particular academic internship course in their 3rd or 4th year. The prerequisites for registering for an internship course are:

1) Completion of the first two years of their program of studies including all required courses

2) An overall average of 70% (B).

For the Graduate Certificate Program, students can register for the internship course in their second semester for the one-year certificate and in their third or fourth semester for the two-year certificate program.

International Internship Opportunities


International Internships are another great way to gain experience related to student’s degree programs. International work experience will allow students to develop professional skills and gain hands-on experience in a global work setting. It also provides students with opportunities to build connections within these global networks that may lead to future employment and introduce this rapidly evolving global labour market to aid in future career exploration. Students can participate in internships as part of their degree program requirements or as an additional experiential learning experience. Currently, Algoma University offers the following international Internship opportunities at our International partners.


ThomasMore University of Applied Sciences

  • Program length: April 21st – August 15th, 2023
  • Application open to all Biology and Psychology students in 2nd or 3rd year
  • Only spot available
  • Application due by January 31st, 2023


Taylor Jaehrling

[email protected]