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Academic Appeals

A student may initiate an appeal of a grade at any time before, or within 15 days after, the release of an official report of grades for the course involved. In all cases, final grades become ‘official’ on the Senate-approved term deadline date to submit final grades – grades that are posted earlier, will remain unofficial until the term deadline date to submit final grades. In the case of incomplete grades, these will become official on the date upon which the Office of the Registrar is in receipt of a revised grade.

The Appeals Committee here at Algoma U is a Committee of Senate charged with considering student appeals with respect to grades, including examinations, term assignments and tests, academic dishonesty, and the general conduct of the course involved. The Committee exercises its authority in accordance with the following policies and procedures. Below you will find answers to frequently asked question about academic appeals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact dean@algomau.ca

Yes, a student can appeal a single assignment, test, essay, or the final grade for a course 15 days after receiving the official mark.

Academic Dishonesty Appeals follow the grade appeal process. For more information on penalties of Academic dishonesty please refer to the Disciplinary Regulations on Academic Dishonesty Policy (PDF).

The Informal Appeal Process begins when the student contacts the faculty member teaching the course in which the grade is being appealed. If necessary, it also includes the second stage, which involves contacting the Faculty Chair.

The Formal Appeal Process begins after the first two stages are complete and the appeal is brought forward to the Office of the Dean and, if necessary, to the Appeals Committee.

Should the grade appeal move to Stage 2 of the process (contacting the Faculty Chair) and the professor of the course in which the grade is being appealed is the Faculty Chair, you may write to the Office of the Dean for consideration of a designate. In most cases, it will be the Department Chair.

If you have questions about the process, or need clarification, you may contact the Office of the Dean in NW300. Contact information is also included in the Academic Appeals Package below.

Students are permitted to bring one person who may act in a supportive or advisory capacity during an appeal. Student Union representatives may act in this role. ombudsperson@ausu.algomau.ca or AUSU in NW 103 can be contacted for inquiries.

An appeal letter template can be found here within the Academic Appeal Package below . It is important to include facts that support your reasoning for appeal and a suggested solution.

If you have a complaint or concern about a staff or faculty member’s behaviour you may contact equity@algomau.ca.

The Informal Appeal Process can be resolved relatively quickly (2-5 weeks). The Formal Appeal Process takes longer, approximately 2-3 months.

It is always suggested that you offer a resolution that you deem appropriate and suited for the situation. Reasonable efforts should be made at each stage of the Appeal Process to reach a satisfactory solution. In most cases, based on the information provided, a decision is made to either re-grade assignments, essays, exams, or not.  The decision of the Appeals Committee (Stage 4) is final and binding.

Yes, any student at a satellite campus would complete this process in person, via email, or via phone.

Helpful Documents

The Academic Appeals Package (PDF), which includes helpful tips, resources and contact information, is meant to help you navigate the appeals process.

The Academic Appeals Policy (PDF) is what is used by the University when appealing a grade. If there are any disagreements s between the Academic Appeals Package and the Academic Appeals Policy, the policy will always supersede.