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Bobby Karmakar: A Lifelong Learner

There were a number of factors that influenced Bobby Karmakar’s decision to attend Algoma U at Brampton. After completing an advanced diploma in Business Administration – Human Resources (co-op) from Centennial College, Karmakar embarked on a university degree.

Initially focussed on a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with a Human Resources specialization, after taking a number of marketing electives he made the decision to specialize in both Human Resources Management and Marketing. Karmakar also holds a certificate in Professional Writing from Centennial College and a certificate in Creative Writing from the University of Toronto, School of Continuing Studies.

Karmakar reflected on his decision to enrol at Algoma University, “When I was in my last semester of college, I just turned 20 and my mom and step-dad, who live in Brampton, were the ones that said to go to university since they believed I would have more opportunity if I obtained a degree alongside my college diploma.” They also believed Karmakar was too young to enter the job market and he agreed.

Intimidated by the size of larger universities in the Greater Toronto Area, for Karmakar, Algoma University seemed like a perfect fit. After speaking with Richard Belton, an Admissions Advisor from Algoma U at a university fair, Karmakar attended an open house at the Brampton campus and the rest, as they say, is history.

Karmakar, who has resided in Toronto his whole life, frequently travelled to Brampton on the weekends to visit his mother and step-father. Algoma University was the right size and it was ideally located for Karmakar who still finds time to visit the campus, as he works nearby.

Karmakar serves as the Administrative and Membership Services Coordinator for The Downtown Brampton Business Improvement Area (BIA). “Working in a BIA, especially in the area where I went to university, is such an exciting opportunity to not only represent being an Algoma U alumni but to be able to prove that with my degree, I am able to demonstrate my experience within our district as a whole.”

“When I did cases and wrote marketing or business plans for evaluations, I found it exciting and fun. Now, I’m able to actually implement that at my workplace with my team and collaborate just like I did in school,” acknowledged Karmakar of how Algoma University prepared him for his career.

Karmakar recounted his experience representing Brampton at the 10th Annual Northern Ontario Business Case Competition as one of his most memorable moments. He also paid tribute to several professors and classes that helped him to find both academic and professional success.

Looking to the future, Karmakar continues to grow his professional network and hopes to become a published author. Karmakar also has high hopes for Algoma University. He would love to see continued expansion of both campuses and the addition of continuing studies, which served him well in his professional development.

Karmakar refers to himself as a lifelong learner and shared, “Attending Algoma not only enhanced me, but also made me more aware of my capabilities, and crafted me with different and more tools in my skillset; both in my profession, as well as a person. That journey is one I will never forget and also one to remember as I continue to learn.”

Karmakar described his experience at Algoma University as, “An inclusive and challenging journey that was worth every moment. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Okay, maybe there could have been things that would have been done differently, but I’m a big believer in things happening for a reason. My experience was one of them, and lead to securing my current employment position,” where he continues to proudly represent himself and Algoma University.

Written By: Jessica Ferlaino

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