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Connor Flood: 2024 Alumni Achievement Award Recipient

Connor’s journey from his formative years at Algoma University to his current position as a Senior Software Engineer at Tesla profoundly reflects his embodiment of the 7 grandfather teachings and his identity as a Thunderbird. Throughout his path, he has consistently demonstrated unwavering dedication, a relentless pursuit of excellence, and a deep passion for community engagement.

When he first started at Algoma, Connor stood out as a leader. He was an avid academic who thrived on community involvement. His exceptional performance in the Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) program, where he entered directly into the second year, earned him the prestigious Carl J. Sanders scholarship and several entrance awards. Connor’s commitment to his peers was evident as he volunteered as a Frosh Leader, actively organizing programming competitions and engaging with prospective students and parents.

Graduating cum laude with an Honours Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Connor continued his academic journey at the University of Waterloo, where he completed his Masters of Mathematics in Computer Science. His research in the Symbolic Computation lab showcased his innovative spirit, resulting in the development of a web application that supports pen-input interfaces for mathematical inputs to Computer Algebra Systems.

Connor’s contributions extend far beyond academia. His side project, an application generating mathematical proofs, garnered attention from Wolfram|Alpha, leading to a job offer and global recognition for his work. His employment journey took him to Silicon Valley, where he thrived as a Solutions Engineer at Facebook, presenting his work at conferences worldwide.

If that somehow isn’t a long enough list of accolades, Connor is currently a Senior Software Engineer at Tesla, playing a pivotal role in developing tools for vehicle diagnostics and repair.

Throughout his academic journey, Connor has remained a steadfast advocate for his community, whether mentoring students, delivering tech talks, or providing guidance to aspiring technologists. His impact reverberates globally, inspiring countless individuals to reach for the stars.

As we reflect on Connor’s achievements, it’s clear that his indomitable spirit, coupled with his unwavering commitment to excellence, makes him a deserving candidate for the Alumni Achievement Award.

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