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Sault College and Algoma University Sign Additional Pathway Agreements

(Sault Ste. Marie, ON June 5, 2019) – Today, representatives from Sault College and Algoma University joined together to sign new “2+1” and “2+2” Academic Pathway to support enhanced student mobility between the College and the University.   

The expanded partnership between Sault Ste. Marie’s two post-secondary institutions build on the number of enhanced transfer pathways available to students who wish to complete a Sault College diploma then seamlessly transition to Algoma University to complete a degree in a related subject area.

Pathways announced today include:

Sault College Diploma Program

Algoma University Degree Program
Computer Programmer Bachelor of Computer Science“2+1.5” (includes online bridging course component)
Computer Program Analyst Bachelor of Computer Science“2+1” (includes online bridging course component)
General Arts and Science – University Transfer Bachelor of Arts Honours in English, History, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology“2+2”

Similar agreements signed in late January generated considerable interest from Sault College students and grads with applications up by 28% compared to 2018.  At the time, the two schools signed “2+2” agreements in the following program areas: 

Sault College Diploma ProgramAlgoma University Degree Program
BusinessBusiness – Accounting Bachelor of Business Administration
Adventure Recreation and Parks Technician, Fish and Wildlife Conservation Technician,
Forestry Technician, Natural Environment Technician 
Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science
Police Foundations
Bachelor of Arts in Law and Justice

All agreements streamline and harmonize the student experience so that credits are directly acknowledged and accepted.

The new “2+2” and “2+1” Pathway agreements align with both institutions’ strategic priorities to expand postsecondary access and enhance the overall educational experience for students.  Both institutions are committed to working with regional partners and all levels of Government to expand postsecondary access, stimulate socio-economic growth, and encourage the development needed to support current and future workforce and leadership capacity needs in Ontario.

For more information on these pathways please go to: www.saultcollege.ca/twoplustwo 

“Today Sault College and Algoma University strengthen their partnership for the sole benefit of students! This partnership supports learning and highlights our joint commitment to providing institution to institution pathway opportunities.. The new pathway agreements with Algoma University offer a greater range of options for students taking computer studies and General Arts and Sciences at Sault College.  Another important objective of this partnership is to increase enrolment at both institutions. This partnership provides an important combination of theory and skills that we anticipate will be attractive to students from home and around the world,” said Dr. Ron Common, President Sault College.

“We are very happy with these new pathway agreements and we are continuing to explore new opportunities with Universities like Algoma to benefit College students.  We hope to strengthen existing agreements and explore new ones with Algoma University. We believe these provide students with an exceptional educational experience as it gives students a variety of options as they move through their educational careers. Sault College is pleased to partner with Algoma University and looks forward to building this important community relationship,” said Colin Kirkwood, Vice President Academic and Research, Sault College.

“This has been a fantastic day for students in our community! The opportunity these pathway programs provide for students is exceptional,” said Asima Vezina, President and Vice-Chancellor, Algoma University. “It is essential that Algoma University and Sault College be leaders in our community; focussing on student success and future development. Providing more options for post-secondary education is critical, especially in Northern Ontario, and I am so proud to be part of this initiative. I look forward to future collaboration and partnership with Sault College, and continuing to be at the forefront of innovation in our community.”

“I am very excited about what this partnership means for students and our community,” said Donna Rogers, Academic Dean, Algoma University. “This agreement provides an opportunity for creativity in programming, combining theoretical and practical learning. Everything our institutions do is focussed on student success, and these new pathways are a testament to that. It is important that Sault College and Algoma University take leadership roles in our community, and demonstrate the array of possibilities out there for students and their futures. Being able to provide students with two credentials, experiences at two institutions, while focussing on future success is truly impressive.”

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