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Studying Abroad in Austria

Hey Thunderbirds! My name is Alexandra Berlingieri and I am a third-year BBA student at Algoma University. I am born and raised in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario, so you could say that I like to call Sault Ste. Marie my home.

In the Soo, I am a student, an athlete, a Secretary on the Algoma U Business Society, a tutor for elementary school students, a coach, a family member and a friend. In addition to these things, I decided that I want to be an exchange student. I told myself going into university, that if I decided to go to school in my hometown, that I would find something extravagant to do that is a little out of my comfort zone. So, as I stood outside the fishbowl waiting to write an exam in my first ever semester of university, it hit me. I want to study abroad. From that day on, research began, applications happened, planning happened, and mental preparation happened.

So here I am, writing my first blog in the Frankfurt Airport awaiting my flight to Vienna, Austria where I will then be brought to the town Wiener Neustadt, so I can begin my studies at the University of Applied Sciences (FHWN). I have felt so much over the past 24 hours, including excitement to get to go on this adventure, nerves as I travel alone, a bit of anxiety as my flight to Toronto got cancelled and my parents had to drive me there on short notice, sadness saying goodbye to my loved ones, and happiness as I embark on this journey that I have been waiting to go on for over two years now. It is time to step out of my comfort zone.

Over the course of this trip, I will be learning, travelling, and experiencing a whole new life. I hope I can inspire my fellow Thunderbirds to try something new and step out of your comfort zone, maybe even study abroad yourself. Keep reading to hear about what’s next as I will be blogging regularly for anyone to read!

Written by: Alexandra Berlingieri

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