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Tuition, Awards and Funding for Graduate Programs

Start planning for your Algoma University experience and discover the funding, scholarships and awards we have available.

Below, you will find information about graduate program tuition and fees, awards and scholarships, teaching and research funding, and needs based programs.

Tuition and Fees

The fees listed below are for the 2023/24 academic year and are subject to change.

Domestic | MSc Biology TuitionFeesTotal
Fee for one semester$2,900.00$511.34$3,411.34
Fee for one Academic Year$8,700.00$1,534.00$10,234.02
Domestic | MSW TuitionFeesTotal
Fee for one semester$3,016.99$511.34$3,528.33
Fee for one Academic Year$9,051.00$1,534.00$10,585.00
International | MSc BiologyTuitionFeesTotal
Fee for one semester $7,500.00$511.34$8,011.34
Fee for one academic Year$22,500.00
Domestic | M. Computer ScienceTuitionFeesTotal
Fee for one semester $2,966.00$511.34$3,477.34
Fee for one academic year$8,898.00$1,534.00$10,432.00
International | M. Computer ScienceTuitionFeesTotal
Fee for one semester $7,666.00$511.34$8,177.34
Fee for one academic year$22,998.00$1,534.00$24,532.02

*The tuition and fee schedule shown is in effect for the 2024/25 academic year. The Algoma University Board of Governors reserves the right to amend fees after the publication of the Academic Calendar and without further notice. The fees listed above do not include additional insurance fees for domestic and international students.

Awards and Scholarships

Note: Students in receipt of a tuition exemption would normally not be considered for scholarships.

This scholarship valued at $10,000 will be available to a domestic student in their first year of full-time studies in the MSc in Biology. Selection is based on the highest academic achievement with preference given to the student candidate demonstrating active community involvement through volunteer work throughout their undergraduate degree. Preference will be given to a student that is a graduate of a secondary school in the District of Algoma. This scholarship is non-cumulative with the CSG-M, OGS, or other NSERC or SSHRC scholarships. The award reflects the leadership work and vision of Dr. J. MacBain Cameron, a distinguished entomologist who became the first Director of the Insect Pathology Research Institute in Sault Ste. Marie, and devotes countless hours of volunteer community service. Dr. Cameron and a small group of like-minded advocates formed a citizens committee who eventually through their advocacy and committed efforts would make university undergraduate opportunities accessible in Sault Ste. Marie leading to what we today know as Algoma University. Students offered admission in June will be invited to apply for this scholarship.

The Ma’iingan Scholarships are available to students of Algoma University that are entering and continuing in the MSc Biology program. The eligible recipients will demonstrate continued academic achievement while meeting additional requirements. Preference will be given to a student that shows an interest in wildlife. As this scholarship is renewable, if eligibility for renewal of the scholarship is not maintained, students will forfeit their scholarship.

Ma’iingan Intention Scholarship – a $1000 scholarship for a student in their 4th year of studies in the Biology or Environmental Science program with the intention to attend the Algoma University MSc in Biology.

Ma’iingan Entrance Scholarship – a $2000 scholarship for a student that has completed their undergraduate in Biology or Environmental Science at Algoma University and is in their first year of studies in the MSc program in Biology.

Ma’iingan Renewable Scholarship – a $2000 scholarship for a student entering their second year of the MSc in Biology at Algoma University who received the Ma’iingan Entrance Scholarship in the previous year and remains in good academic standing within the program.

Algoma University is pleased to offer entrance scholarships to eligible domestic and international students enrolling in the Master’s of Computer Science program. Selection of recipients is based on academic excellence as demonstrated through the application for admission into the graduate program. Awards are available for Fall, Winter and Spring start dates. The Awards of Excellence are valued at up to $5000 each and require students to complete the admissions process by the deadline for consideration. Eligible recipients will be notified within their Offer of Admission regarding their award. Awards are not eligible for deferral; to receive the award eligible students must register for the term the award is offered on.

Teaching and Research Funding

Graduate students in a thesis-based Master’s program receive generous guaranteed funding offered at the time of admissions. This funding is renewable based on criteria and standing and may include Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTA), Graduate Research Assistantships (GRA), Scholarships, and Awards. Guaranteed funding of $17,500/year for two years of full-time study. Students are required to remain in good academic standing to continue qualifying for funding.

Graduate students in a course-based Master’s program are able to apply for a Graduate Teaching Assistantship (GTA). GTA’s are available to eligible students on a competitive basis allowing graduate students the opportunity to work up to 10 hours/week for up to two semesters in an academic year as required by the department.

Needs Based Programs

Domestic graduate students with a demonstrated financial need can apply for the Graduate Success Bursary (GSB) once per academic year through the Financial Aid Office. The GSB opens in October with applications considered until October 31. To be considered for this bursary, students must demonstrate academic achievement as well as financial need. Bursaries are limited and may be received along with other financial support programs.

Graduate students experiencing unforeseen emergency expenses are invited to apply for the Emergency Bursary. These funds are intended to provide limited financial support to students experiencing an urgent situation that could not be planned for, and that the student does not have enough resources to cover. Students in an emergency situation will need to submit an Emergency Bursary application through the Student Portal.