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Algoma U Recognizes March 21

(SAULT STE. MARIE, ON – March 19, 2016): Algoma University, in partnership with the Algoma University Students’ Union (AUSU) and the Shingwauk Anishinaabe Students’ Association (SASA), are hosting a series of events to recognize March 21st, the United Nation’s International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Events will help illuminate all forms of discrimination and seek ways to move towards a more inclusive and just community.

“Algoma University continues to have one of the most diverse campuses in Ontario. Twenty-seven percent of our students are international and another 13 percent are Anishinaabe,” said President and Vice Chancellor of Algoma U, Dr. Craig Chamberlin. “As an institution of higher learning, it is crucial that we recognize March 21st, and acknowledge and celebrate the differences in culture, faith, gender identity, race, and ethnicity that thrive on our campus, while also working toward eliminating harmful stereotypes that exist.”

A series of events have been organized to raise awareness and understanding of issues related to racial discrimination and to acknowledge and celebrate diversity. With the objective of building a sense of community and promoting positive dialogues, these events provide a variety of ways to engage members of the campus community to share experiences and perspectives.

“March 21 marks the United Nation’s International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination,” said Dr. Richard McCutcheon, Academic Dean of Algoma U. “I’m very pleased the university, the Algoma University Students’ Union (AUSU), and the Shingwauk Anishinaabe Students’ Association (SASA) have organized a series of events on the Algoma University campus to raise awareness of this important and internally significant event. This opportunity for a renewed commitment to take action individually and collectively is an important step towards building a more inclusive and just campus community.”

The public is welcome to attend the following the events:

Monday, March 21 – Unity Walk and Declaration Signing: 11:45am

Members of the Algoma University community will walk from the front steps of the University to the Essar Convergence Centre to demonstrate their commitment to ending racial discrimination. The walk will conclude in the Shingwauk Auditorium where there will be an opportunity to sign a declaration establishing the community’s collective commitment to the principles of the day. Participants will gather on the front steps of Shingwauk Hall at 11:45. The signing of the declaration will begin at approximately 12:15 in the Shingwauk Auditorium.

Tuesday, March 22 – Intramural Drop-in Sports Mixer: 1:30pm – 3:30pm

Members of the Algoma U community are invited to participate in one of three sporting events: volleyball, basketball, or indoor soccer. Participants will report to the GLC and teams will be randomly assigned. Faculty, staff, and students are welcome. This is a great opportunity to get to know someone new in a fun and supportive atmosphere. Participants are welcome to drop in at any time for any length of time.

Wednesday, March 23 – Human Library and Around the World at Algoma U: 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Join Algoma U as they host a human library event. A human library is where people from diverse backgrounds act as living “books” that are made available for loan to readers for conversation. Readers are encouraged to ask questions to learn more about the individual’s culture, faith, gender identity, disability, race, or ethnicity. Participants will engage in a one-on-one conversation with the “book” of your choice and get to know his or her unique perspectives rather than the stereotypical character. While participating in the library, booths will be set up to learn more about the multiple cultural backgrounds represented by Algoma U students. Coffee, tea, and snacks will be served. The event will be held in the Shingwauk Auditorium.

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