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MPP Ross Romano: 2024 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipient

Member of Provincial Parliament and Chief Government Whip, epitomizes the values of leadership, dedication, and community service. His transition from student leader to member of provincial parliament (MPP) reflects his unwavering commitment to positively impacting his community and always coming back to his roots.

Ross graduated from Algoma University with a Bachelor of Arts in Law and Justice in 2001. During his years at Algoma U, he was deeply engaged in campus life and contributed significantly to student initiatives. 

He played an integral role in the Students’ Union, particularly in organizing orientation week and advocating for the expansion of the iconic T-Bird Lounge. Ross’s close connections with staff and faculty, including figures like Bruno Barban, Don Jackson, and Justice Greco, underscore his collaborative spirit and personable demeanour.

After completing his undergraduate studies, Ross pursued further education at the University of Windsor, earning his Bachelor of Laws in 2004. He then returned to Sault Ste. Marie to embark on his legal career. 

As a lawyer, Ross served with distinction at Legal Aid Ontario and later transitioned to the Sault Ste. Marie Crown Attorney’s Office before venturing into private practice. Alongside his legal pursuits, Ross dedicated himself to community service, volunteering with organizations like the Rotary Club and coaching youth soccer teams.

In 2014, Ross ventured into politics, serving as a city councillor before becoming the Member of Provincial Parliament for Sault Ste. Marie in 2017. Throughout his tenure, Ross championed Northern Ontario’s interests, securing funding for vital projects and advocating for educational opportunities.

In 2019, Ross was appointed Minister of Colleges and Universities. As Minister, Ross spearheaded transformative initiatives, including expanding Algoma University’s degree-granting authority. Amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, his proactive measures, including the provision of emergency funding and the expansion of online learning resources, underscored his commitment to educational resilience and student success.

In subsequent ministerial roles, including serving as minister of Government and Consumer Services, Ross continued to demonstrate his dedication to public service, leading critical programs and initiatives that enhanced accessibility and efficiency for Ontarians.

Recognized for his leadership, Ross was appointed chief government whip, a testament to his ability to foster unity and drive common goals forward.

Ross’s exemplary leadership, dedication, and commitment to his community exemplify the values instilled by Algoma University. He serves as an inspiration to fellow alumni, demonstrating the profound impact individuals can have through public service and community engagement. Ross Romano truly embodies the spirit of the inspiring Thunderbird legacy.

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