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Quarantine/Arrival Information

Below you will find information on how to safely travel to Canada under Algoma University's approved Quarantine Readiness Plan.

The steps outlined below are the approved process for students entering Canada as a part of the Algoma University community. Any students not compliant with the below steps will be independently responsible for any consequence of breach of these regulations. 

If you have any questions regarding the Quarantine/Arrival information, please email arrival@algomau.ca.

Pre-Arrival Support Sessions

If you are an International student planning on travelling to Canada, please register for one of our Pre-Arrival Support Sessions. The session will consist of a presentation walkthrough of the arrival process and provide a chance to ask the Arrival and Immigration teams any questions that you may have.

Sessions will be hosted in November.

Important Travel Dates

(UPDATED September 21, 2021) 

Students travelling for the Winter 2022 semester are eligible to arrive in Canada between December 17, 2021 and January 19, 2022. You must be registered in Winter 2022 courses to proceed with the arrival process during this semester. 

You must notify the Arrival Team at least 3 weeks in advance of your travel plans, or we will be unable to support your travel and provide travel support documents.

Unvaccinated Students should plan to arrive so that they complete their quarantine requirements before January 19th. Unvaccinated Students arriving after January 5th will be denied Travel Support documents as the quarantine requirement will require that they miss too many classes to be academically successful.

Important Travel Updates

The arrival window for the Fall 2021 semester is now closed.

September 17th was the last authorized date of arrival for all Algoma University international students arriving for the Fall 2021 Semester. All further travel for the Fall Semester is unauthorized and supporting documents will not be provided. Travel after this date can result in a denial of entry to Canada and in a Student Code of Conduct violation.

Students that were unable to travel before this date are advised to arrive instead for the Winter 2022 semester. Please see Important Travel Dates above.

Direct Flights

If you’re taking a direct flight from India to Canada, you’ll need proof of a negative COVID-19 molecular test from the Genestrings Laboratory at the Delhi airport. The test must be taken within 18 hours of the scheduled departure of your direct flight to Canada.

Indirect Flights

If you’re taking an indirect flight from India to Canada, you’ll still need proof of a negative COVID-19 molecular test, within 72 hours of your final flight to Canada. The test must be taken in the country from which your flight to Canada will depart.

Please click the following link for more details.

Algoma University’s Arrival Team is pleased to announce our partnership with Study Safe Corridor and their TRAVEL SAFE program!

Study Safe Corridor provides comprehensive arrival and quarantine packages for international students for many universities and organizations in Canada. Their TRAVEL SAFE program will ensure that all our international students have a smooth entry into Canada, and enjoy a safe and comfortable mandatory 14-day quarantine upon arrival.

All quarantine booking requests will be completed and managed through Study Safe Corridor’s TRAVEL SAFE program.

Sault Ste. Marie (SSM) is not available as a quarantine location. Students studying at this campus will have to quarantine in the Toronto area and then fly to SSM once their quarantine is complete.


Starting 11:59 pm ET on July 5, 2021, all those who qualify for the following requirements maybe exempt from quarantine, hotel stopover, and Day-8 testing requirements:

  • Are eligible to enter Canada;
  • Are asymptomatic;
  • Meet the Government of Canada Requirements of fully vaccinated travellers, and;
  • Meet all other entry requirements, including entering your information in ArriveCAN before arrival.

Please note the following:

  • Each international student who meets these requirements is responsible for following the Federal Government’s instructions to prove their eligibility for this exemption prior to their travel, AND;
  • Those who were determined to be ineligible for this exemption at the Port of Entry MUST follow the Algoma University’s Quarantine Readiness Plan. They must contact Study Safe to arrange quarantine accommodation immediately, and are to contact the Arrival team right away. They will NOT be allowed to quarantine at a private location under any circumstance.
  • All students studying at the Sault Ste. Marie (SSM) campus must stop over in Toronto first to determine eligibility for exemption from quarantine before continuing to SSM.

For more information, please click here.

Persons recovered from COVID-19 (must have proof of a positive COVID-19 molecular test taken between 14 to 90 days before travel) may be exempt from the following:

  • Pre-entry Test
  • Arrival Test
  • Day-8 Test

However, these persons are still required to quarantine for 14 days and must follow each DLI’s Quarantine Readiness Plan to complete the 14-day quarantine.

Please note the following:

  • Each international student who qualifies for this exemption is responsible for following the Federal Government’s instructions to prove their eligibility for this exemption prior to their travel, AND;
  • MUST follow the Algoma University’s Quarantine Readiness Plan for the full 14-days of Quarantine. They will NOT be allowed to quarantine at a private location under any circumstance.

For more information, please click here.

Quarantine Readiness Plan

3 weeks prior to travel

Please check if you meet all of the requirements below:

  • I have been accepted to Algoma University
  • I am registered for classes for the semester that I’ll be travelling in. You can verify this by looking at your Academic Summary in your Student Portal. 
  • I am in possession of a valid Study Permit or a letter stating that you have been approved for a Study Permit.
  • I am in possession of a valid Temporary Resident Visa, if required.
  • My flight is, or will be, scheduled within the Supported Travel Dates (Please see Important Travel Dates above.)

3 weeks prior to travel

  • Please follow your Quarantine Readiness Plan (PDF; available in Step 2 above,) and complete all the checkboxes to prepare for your travels.
  • Please refer to the “Important Travel Updates” and “Important Travel Dates” sections above to ensure that your flight is scheduled for an approved travel date, and that it hasn’t been affected by the most recent updates.
  • The port of entry for all international students is the Toronto airport.
  • Unvaccinated or recovered students are not able to fly to Sault Ste. Marie until after their 14 day quarantine is completed in Toronto.

2-3 weeks prior to travel

  • For Fully Vaccinated Travellers, please complete the Exemption for Fully Vaccinated Travellers Form. (Click to access; Must use Algoma U Gmail account.)
  • For Non-vaccinated Travellers, please complete the Arrival Form. (Click to access; Must use Algoma U Gmail account.)
  • Please forward your Flight Itinerary and Quarantine Reservation Confirmation (if applicable,) along with your full name and Student ID number to arrival@algomau.ca.
  • Please obtain your Confirmation of Enrollment Letter (COE) that is valid for the semester in which you are traveling. You can purchase and download your COE directly from your Student Portal. After accessing your Student Portal, click on Academics, then click on Documents and Confirmation of Enrolment will be an option. If you have any questions please email regoffice@algomau.ca.

1-2 weeks prior to travel

  • Once you’ve completed all the preparation steps in your Quarantine Readiness Plan, the Arrival Team will issue your travel documents before your travel date.

The Arrival Team will issue your:

  • Travel Support Letter
  • Quarantine Plan Letters

Sun Life or uhip@algomau.ca will issue your:

  • UHIP Card (Should have already been issued by Sun Life, if you haven’t received it please contact uhip@algomau.ca)

The Registrar’s Office (through the Student Portal) provides:

  • Confirmation of Enrollment (COE)


Please look for your Pre-Departure Email, sent from arrival@algomau.ca.

  • Please ensure that you have the following documents ready before your travels:
    • Travel Support Letter
    • Quarantine Plan letters
    • UHIP Card
    • Flight Confirmation for all flights
    • (Quarantine Booking Confirmation from Study Safe Corridor, if applicable)
    • Confirmation of Enrollment Letter (Registrar’s Office issues this document through the Student Portal)
    • Passport, and all immigration related documents pertaining to your Visa and Permit(s)
  • ArriveCAN App (this is mandatory!)
    • Download the App 
    • Complete your profile and the Self-Assessment prior to travel
    • (Upload your vaccination records, if applicable)
    • Provide your quarantine accommodation information (The quarantine accommodation location provided by Study Safe in the issued Quarantine Plan letter)
    • Complete daily requirements via the app
  • Complete pre-entry testing
    • Complete a pre-entry COVID test before your flight
    • The time requirement before your flight and location of testing depends on your country of origin
    •  You will not be able to board your flight without a negative test result
  • COVID Alert App
  • Email arrival@algomau.ca 
    • Communicate any changes to your travel plans along the way
    • Communicate you have arrived safely in Canada, and if applicable, your quarantine location
Helpful Tips

How can I receive my documents as smoothly as possible?

Make sure you are registered for classes and have any immigration or study permit related documents before starting the Quarantine Readiness Plan.

Contact the Arrival Team and get started on the Quarantine Readiness Plan as far in advance as possible, problems may arise that you will be grateful to have extra time to deal with.

Please note that the Arrival Team and most Algoma U teams have been experiencing an extremely high volume of emails in the last few weeks of the “Arrival Window” and could be severely delayed in responding.

I have not received a response from the Arrival Team, what should I do?

The Arrival Team can be delayed by up to 5 days and works Monday to Friday. 

We prioritize emails from students arriving shortly as well as emails we consider an emergency, or urgent emails.

Sending the same email multiple times can make this delay even longer. The Arrival Team replies to messages from oldest to newest so expect a response to your oldest message first. Please refrain from replying to your email without receiving a response from the Arrival Team. Doing so makes the message more “new” and we see it much later than we would have. If you need to contact the arrival team again please do so in a new email.

Can I travel outside of the designated dates?

No, students are only permitted to travel within the specific arrival window that has been indicated. This means that for Winter 2022 students are only permitted to arrive within the dates of Dec 17, 2021 and Jan 19, 2021. Students planning to travel outside these dates will not receive support, nor documents and are not authorized to travel. If you have accidentally booked on invalid dates you will have to reschedule your flight. No extensions or exceptions can be granted by the Arrival Team.

I don’t want to purchase flight tickets far in advance, what are my options?

You need to provide a flight itinerary to the Arrival Team in order to receive your Travel Support documents. You should provide an estimated day of arrival at least 3 weeks ahead of time and provide your flight itinerary at least 2 weeks prior. If your itinerary is provided any later you may not receive your documents in time.

Do I need to follow the Algoma University Quarantine Readiness Plan?

Yes, any students not compliant will be held accountable and could face a student code of conduct violation. They can also face a breach of Canada pandemic laws, be denied boarding of their flights or entry to Canada. They can also face issues with their Study Visa or Post Graduate Work Permit. 

The Quarantine Readiness Plan and the Arrival Team’s instructions must be followed by all Algoma U international students.

If I have problems or concerns during quarantine, whom do I contact? 

Study Safe Corridor is looking after you while you are in quarantine including your transportation from the airport, you should contact them at contactus@thestudenttravels.com. You can also contact the front desk if you need assistance or are inquiring about meal options.

Do I need a quarantine plan if I am fully vaccinated?

Yes, all students must have an authorized quarantine plan, even fully vaccinated students. Please make sure that you are considered fully vaccinated by researching the Government of Canada website as travellers are only considered fully vaccinated if they meet certain conditions. While fully vaccinated travellers are qualified for exemption they are expected to have proof of a quarantine plan provided by Algoma U as this exemption is not guaranteed and the border services officers will make the final decision about whether you qualify. 

What do I do if I am denied exemption from quarantine?

If you travelled as a fully vaccinated traveller but then were denied exemption from quarantine at the airport  you must quarantine according to the plan provided by Algoma U and Study Safe. Instructions are provided in the “Exemption Letter Study Safe” that will be provided to you once you complete all steps as required by the Arrival Team. Students are NOT permitted to quarantine at a private location. 

Can I quarantine at a private residence or with family?

Quarantining at a private residence or with family is forbidden and can result in a student code of conduct violation. Only quarantine locations booked through or designated by Study Safe are permitted.

Can I leave Quarantine Early?

No, the Government of Canada requires all international travellers not given an exemption to quarantine for the full 14 days. Leaving early will be considered a breach of Canadian pandemic laws and come with severe consequences. Getting your day 8 negative result early does NOT permit you to leave early. You can only leave your place of quarantine if you receive a negative result from your Day-8 test AND you have completed your mandatory 14-day quarantine.

How do I pay for quarantine?

Quarantine fees must be paid in advance through Study Safe. Fully Vaccinated students who are denied exemption and are required to quarantine must pay for the hotel upfront. Please reserve funds in case you are required to do so.

I cannot open the Arrival or Exemption form, what do I do?

Receiving the message “you need permission to view this form”? You will need your Algoma U email to access forms.

It is very important for you to use your Algoma U Email account as a student. Instructors will send important information to your school email address. Also, it is much easier to contact the Registration Office, Student Success Central, Student Accounts, and other official University departments if you are using your student email.

If you are a new January 2022 student of Algoma U and do not know how to access your Student Portal and AU email account please click here to learn how.


To access your Algoma U Email account, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to gmail.com
  2. Log in with your Algoma U email address
  3. Your email address is username@algoma.ca, for example dreid@algomau.ca
  4. Enter your Algoma U password
  5. Your password will be the same for all Algoma U online services. If you have not set up your Algoma U account yet, click here. You need to have received and accepted your Algoma U Offer of Admission in order to set up your account.

If you already use Gmail for a different email address, please follow the following instructions. We recommend that you set your Algoma U account as your default account on the device that you will be using for your studies.

  1. Open Gmail and click the icon in the top right corner (containing your first initial or photo).
  2. Click “Sign out of all accounts” to remove your personal gmail as your default account.
  3. Click “Use another account”.
  4. Log in with your Algoma U account information
  5. You have now successfully set your algomau.ca gmail as default! This will allow you to access internal forms and stay up to date on all Algoma

If this doesn’t work, we recommend you submit a ticket with the Information Technology Service Desk.

I have questions about classes, whom do I contact?

You should contact your academic advisor, or the registrar’s office at regoffice@algomau.ca to adjust or register for classes.


I’m not registered for classes, what do I do?

You should (1) contact your recruitment advisor to accept your offer if you haven’t already, and (2) register for your courses first to be eligible for any travel documents. The Arrival Team is unable to offer any travel support documents for those who are not active students.

When will I receive my documents?

Travel Support documents such as the Travel support Letter and Quarantine Plans will only be provided once steps 1-4 of the Quarantine Readiness Plan have been completed. Once these steps are completed documentation will be released in a “Pre-departure email” approximately one week before your arrival.


I do not have my UHIP Card, how do I obtain it?

Sunlife will send you an email directly with a digital copy of your UHIP card along with instructions.

If you are joining AlgomaU in the Winter 2022 semester, your UHIP card will be issued closer to that date. 

Keep an eye on your Algoma U email inbox in the month of December 2021. If you have not received it or have questions please contact uhip@algomau.ca


How do I receive my Confirmation of Enrollment (COE)?

The Registrar’s Office issues the Confirmation of Enrollment through the Student Portal. You will need one for the semester in which you are travelling. You can purchase and download your COE directly from your Student Portal. After accessing your Student Portal, click on Academics, then click on Documents and Confirmation of Enrolment will be an option. If you have any questions please email regoffice@algomau.ca.


I have documents from the previous semester, are they still valid?

No, most of the Arrival Team documents and Confirmation of Enrollment are only valid for one semester at a time. You will need to complete the Quarantine Readiness plan again in order to receive new documents.

Experiencing issues or have questions about ArriveCan?

Please visit the ArriveCan website, they have a helpline available to answer general questions about ArriveCAN and to help with basic troubleshooting or navigational issues.


If you are looking to stay in the on campus residence please visit this webpage and contact the housing coordinator Rose Linklater at rose.linklater@algomau.ca.


If you want to live off campus please review the following webpage for further information.

I’ve arrived in Canada, now what?

You will need to inform the Arrival Team that you have arrived and either were declared exempt from quarantine or have checked into your quarantine accommodation.


Is there anything I need to do before I come to campus?

Yes, you will need to review the Campus Safety/Coronavirus Information page and the Algoma University vaccine policy. 

On the above page are detailed instructions for your safe return to campus and what is expected by all students and staff.

You must provide your vaccination information on a form provided on the webpage. 

You must also screen in before going to campus with SaniTrakr

If you have any questions about any of the information, instructions or need accommodation please contact covid@algomau.ca


I’ve completed quarantine or have been declared exempt from quarantine, is there anything else I need to do?

All students must review and abide by Algoma U’s vaccination policy outlined on the following webpage. You must upload your vaccination records onto a form provided on the linked web page before you can return to campus. All students will be required to screen in via SaniTrakr upon arrival. If you have any questions or are unvaccinated please contact covid@algomau.ca.