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New Student FAQs

The following are the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) we receive from new and current students.

You may contact your advisor for all academic services, including short and long term planning, course selection, course registration, post-graduate plans, volunteering, co curricular planning, clubs, student life, health services, wellness team, immigration services, etc.


June 9 is the last day for add/drop. This means that students can test out the course prior to committing. 

You may access your timetable through your student portal. When you were accepted, you should have received an email describing how to access your student portal. Go to students.algomau.ca, log in, click on “Academics”, then click on “Timetable”. If you cannot see your classes on the timetable, ensure you are in the month and on the correct week when classes start. If you still cannot see your classes on the timetable, all your classes may be asynchronous (i.e. no scheduled time in class). If you do not have the “Timetable” tab, submit a IT Ticket via the student portal here.

If you are unsure on what subjects to sign up for, reach out to your advisor at [email protected]. Each degree program has its required programs for the first year, which will allow students to have a well-rounded experience and a background in different subjects. 

For every student at Algoma University, the standard for full-time is five courses per term, whether you are a degree or certificate student.

If it does have a scheduled class time, it will be in Eastern Standard Time (EST). You will be required to attend the class at that time regardless of where you are in the world.

An audit sheet is a spreadsheet that outlines every course that you need to take to complete your program of study. When you meet with your Academic Advisor for the first time, they will begin to fill in the sheet for you. They will map out your required courses and electives in order to graduate. It is a comprehensive view; an editable document that will follow you through your studies. 

If courses are asynchronous, you are able to complete these courses on your own time. It will not show up on your timetable, but it will still show up on your academic summary. If courses are synchronous, you are required to complete these courses according to the scheduled times and other details outlines on your syllabus.

We have an on campus clinic where we offer physical health, medication management, mental health and wellness services. This semester, while we are virtual, we will offer our services by phone or by virtual connection. For a referral, please email [email protected]

Absolutely. We understand that all parts of the world and different people have different perceptions around wellness services. At Algoma University, there is never any shame in accessing services. All information is contained within the advising and wellness team. 


The I.M.Well app offers many services in different languages. When connecting to the operator you can request services in 180 languages. Further, depending on your needs they will attempt to connect you to a professional in your region.

University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP). All students studying in Ontario are covered by UHIP cover basic health care services. There is limited coverage for out of country services, so those out of country will not be charged. Student VIP covers some additional services such as prescription medication, dental, and vision. 

During pandemic closures of our fitness centres we are offering a series of online classes. These can be found at https://algomathunderbirds.ca/sports/2013/6/11/Group-Fitness.aspx.

Please visit the Student Health Services page on our website.

Students can access the services available to all students virtually but can also access the facilities at Northern College. This includes some wellness services as well as the fitness centre on their campus.

If you are a new student beginning in the Spring 2020 semester, your UHIP will be active June 1, 2020. If you are a returning student, you are covered as long as you are a student. For Student VIP, the policy always ends on August 31st, even if you graduate. If you provide proof of an alternative insurance plan, you may “Opt Out” of coverage. International students are automatically “Opted in”.

You will get an email from Sunlife near the end of June. Before that, if you need to access services you can use your Algoma University Student Number. 

Yes, you can always email us at [email protected]

Located on the site of the former Shingwauk Indian Residential School, Algoma University offers a unique and historical setting for cross-cultural learning, where Anishinaabe (First Nations, Métis and Inuit), Canadian, and international students and faculty learn from each other. That history is a large part of education at Algoma University. The land on which Algoma University now sits was provided by Chief Shingwauk and his community for the purpose of educating Anishinaabe people. The vision and values of Chief Shingwauk are reflected throughout our campus. To learn more about Algoma University’s Special Mission please visit: https://algomau.ca/special-mission/.


The Shingwauk Anishinaabe Students’ Association (SASA) and Anishinaabe Initiatives Division (AID) welcome all students, staff and faculty to attend cultural events. We work with a variety of community partners to promote and celebrate Anishinaabe culture and practices on campus. Events are not limited to First Nation, Metis and Inuit students – everyone is always welcome. We want to build relationships with all of you as a part of our special mission. Please stay tuned for upcoming events on Algoma University’s online calendar.

There are many social, cultural and academic support services for Anishinaabe students on campus. Services include advocacy, workshops, events and activities to support student success and celebrate Anishinaabe culture on campus. The Shingwauk Anishinaabe Students’ Lounge (SH312) is a place where students are encouraged to gather and connect. The Anishinaabe Academic Success Advisor can assist students with academic advising and registration, and can access information required for Post-Secondary Student Support Program applications (sponsorship) through their First Nation or when applying for scholarships and bursaries. For more information: https://algomau.ca/students/anishinaabe-students/.

Boozhoo, Aanii (Anishinaabe): Greetings, Hello 

Wachay (Ojicree): Hello

Sago (Haudenosaunee): Greetings, Hello 

Miigwetch (Anishininaabe): Thank you 

Participate in events and listen to the cultural teachings. We also offer a variety of academic courses that first year students can take to introduce you to the culture and language (ANIS 1006/1007 and OJIB 1016/1017).

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