Financial Aid FAQs

Applying for OSAP can sometimes feels complicated, but it doesn't have to be!

If this is your first time applying for OSAP, just remember that many new students are in the same situation as you, and common questions will often arise. We hope the answers below help.

The 2019-20 OSAP Full Time application is set to launch in April. Students should submit their application by May 31st, and have all supporting documentation uploaded by June 30. Applications and supporting documentation received after these dates will be processed based on date of submission, and may result in late funding and interest charges.

No tuition deposit is required for students that have applied for and are receiving OSAP funding. Please note that you are still responsible for the fees if your funding is late, not available, or if you withdraw. See our Payment and Important Dates page for more information.

Students agree to update the Financial Aid Office in writing immediately if any change to the information originally entered on their application occurs. This includes changes to income, assets, family size/situation, children, study period, courses, program, etc.

If your changing information that is on your OSAP profile (e.g. name, address, disability status), log into your OSAP account online and select “change required” next to the applicable field. Then upload the supporting document as described. Financial Aid will review this change and supporting document. For most other changes, start by reviewing the forms available on OSAP’s website. If no form applies to your situation, you can start with writing a letter outlining the changes necessary, and upload this letter to your OSAP account online for Financial Aid to review. Depending on the change, additional supporting documents may be necessary.

Financial Aid does not accept documentation via email. Documents can be uploaded, dropped off at Student Success Central, or mailed to the Financial Aid Office.

You can apply for a Part Time Canada Student Loan via OSAP’s website. Or you can also explore funding through the Algoma Special Bursary Program.

To qualify for OSAP, you must be a Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident of Canada, or a Protected Person of Canada. Please review our Awards pages for any available scholarships for international students.

If you have a completed full time OSAP application on file you’ll receive an automatic deferral of your Fall fees until September 30th, Winter fees until January 31st, and Spring fees until May 30. Check your balance prior to this deadline to ensure you pay any remaining amount owing.

Yes, however ensure your Fall fees are paid in full by August 15th, your winter fees are paid in full by November 30th, and your Spring fees are paid in full by March 31. If you pay after these dates, it is probable that we have already collected your fees owing from your OSAP, and you’ll have double paid.

Tuition refunds are reviewed per term after the last date to drop to receive any refund. Any tuition refund for OSAP recipients is sent to NSLSC to put on the balance of loans. Refunds resulting from awards are processed after the drop dates also. If you are eligible to keep this refund, you’ll be notified by Student Accounts of when your cheque is available to be picked up. For the list of dates, please check out the Important Dates section of our website.

Nothing. The Financial Aid Office at Algoma University confirms your enrollment with the Ministry. The Confirmation of Enrollment process is completed before the start of studies in the Fall and again in the Winter for those students whose application is complete.

Your enrollment may not have been confirmed for any of the following reasons:

  • You are not registered in both the fall and winter semesters, but have applied for OSAP for both the fall and winter;
  • You are not registered in a 60-100% course load required for full-time OSAP.

If your enrollment has not been confirmed by the start of classes, review any messages posted on your OSAP account online. If there are no messages, contact the Financial Aid Office.

Students can select “grant funding only” after they complete their full-time OSAP application. This option is available on the “Funding Summary” section of the online OSAP application. This must be selected before your enrollment is confirmed, as otherwise you  may end up receiving loans also.

Visit your nearest public post-secondary school Financial Aid Office to retrieve your OAN and/or have your password reset. You must bring valid proof of SIN and one piece of government issued photo ID. You may wish to contact the office you are visiting first to ensure an authorized Financial Aid representative with access to reset/retrieve these details is available to assist.

The Ministry has provided the following contact numbers to address questions about the OSAP changes: 1-888-449-4478; 1-800-465-3958.