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Opportunities Abound
Posted on Jan 12th, 2018
Though I was accepted to all the other schools and programs across Ontario, I chose Algoma because I didn’t find it necessary to go anywhere else for a quality education. My name is Jamie Lucio. I am studying a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and I’m in my fourth year.
Northern Vibes
Posted on Jan 12th, 2018
The real reason why I wanted to come here was because I went snowshoeing for the school tour when I came in March and I thought that said a huge amount about the area and the environment and the direction that the school would take with the outdoors.
Alumna Takes Bite out of Dental School
Posted on Jan 11th, 2018
I am Anastasia Zagordo, a 22-year-old Algoma University alumna and I’ve just been accepted to dental school. From a young age I knew exactly what I wanted to do in life; I knew I wanted to become an orthodontist.