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Northern Vibes

The real reason why I wanted to come here was because I went snowshoeing for the school tour when I came in March and I thought that said a huge amount about the area and the environment and the direction that the school would take with the outdoors.

My name is Marissa Ditoro and I’m a third-year social work student from Milton, Ontario. I came to Algoma University because I like the small school and I knew there would be opportunity to get involved in the school community.

I love hiking, I love biking, I love anything related to the outdoors and Algoma University is in a perfect location for that. We have hiking that is literally 15 minutes away. I can ride my bike to the mountain biking area. We have free ski passes to Searchmont. This is absolutely perfect for anything related to the outdoors. We’re 500 metres away from the St. Mary’s River so I can go down there for a walk if I want.

Since I got to campus, I now work as a Residence Advisor in the dorm buildings. I am on two varsity teams, cross-country running and cross-country skiing. I am on the Varsity Council. I live in the library. This is a fantastic place to be if you want to be involved in school. It’s incredibly easy to be involved and to make your mark.

I would love to stay in Sault Ste. Marie when I graduate if I get a job. This city is absolutely fantastic, everything that I want is here, from snowboarding to the people that I’ve met, to opportunities to be outside. If I could stay here I would definitely stay here. There’s so many different opportunities to leave your mark on Algoma and as a Residence Advisor and an athlete and a member of different councils, I have opportunity and a chance to make this university what I want to make it. At a big school I don’t think I’d have that opportunity. I would be a number or I wouldn’t be able to make this big of an impact.

At a small university like Algoma, you have the chance to make it your own, to make it your home.

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