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Opportunities Abound

Though I was accepted to all the other schools and programs across Ontario, I chose Algoma because I didn’t find it necessary to go anywhere else for a quality education.

My name is Jamie Lucio. I am studying a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and I’m in my fourth year. I find that at Algoma University I have more of an individualized and personalized education. I’m very involved in my education so I would give advice to newcomers that if they wanted to be involved and wanted to have a lot of opportunities that Algoma University is a great place to do that.

I think that what helped me be so successful would be the opportunities and the rapport that I built with my professors. As a student, I’ve had a lot of opportunities because the professors know me by my name and by my ability – so I am more than just a number. For example, I am a teaching assistant and this summer I worked as a research assistant. I’ve also been recommended to be a tutor by a professor, the department head, and things like that. So I feel like I’ve had a lot of opportunity here that I wouldn’t elsewhere.

I plan to attend medical school and I’ve applied across the province to four different medical schools. I’ve also applied to public health programs, neuroscience, and pathology programs.

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