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Algoma University Partners with the Canada Pakistan Business Council to create the Program for Women’s Advancement

(BRAMPTON, ON- September 15, 2021): Algoma University has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding to work with the Canada Pakistan Business Council (CPBC) to strengthen educational opportunities for women in Pakistan through the creation of a Program for Women’s Advancement.  

The Program for Women’s Advancement (PWA) provides opportunities for qualified women in Pakistan to study at Algoma University while benefiting from a comprehensive suite of support services. Based from Algoma University’s Brampton campus, the PWA is a holistic learning opportunity for aspiring women interested in gaining global perspectives, skills, and work experience in a Canadian context. While Algoma University has the academic programming in place, CPBC will engage its own partner organization CPCE, (Canada Pakistan Council for Education), operating under the umbrella of CPBC, to provide support in Pakistan, facilitate mentorship opportunities for students for the duration of the program, leveraging its vast network of Canadian businesses. 

“The Canada Pakistan Business Council is thrilled to partner with Algoma University on this program to create opportunities and global exposure for women in Pakistan,” notes Samir Dossal, President, Canada Pakistan Business Council. “The council’s commitment to strengthening ties between Canada and Pakistan is reflected in our commitment to joint initiatives with strategic partners. We are fortunate to have found a strong university partner for this project.” 

Qualified students will study in Algoma University’s Graduate Certificate in Project Management. The wrap-around supports include pre-arrival support, mentorship and career programs, a speakers’ series, networking events, and possible Canadian work experience through an internship. Program participants will find support and friendship as part of a cohort of like-minded women while having ample opportunity to broaden networks and friendships to students studying in other programs. 

“This partnership builds on the strengths of both Algoma University and the Canada Pakistan Business Council,” says Asima Vezina, President and Vice-Chancellor, Algoma University. “Through CPBC’s vast network of Canadian business owners and community leaders, students will be linked to mentorship opportunities and aspiring entrepreneurs. By working together to support students, Algoma University and the Canada Pakistan Business Council will provide a customized educational experience specifically designed to build entrepreneurial and leadership skills for women in Pakistan.” 

For more information about the Program for Women’s Advancement, visit our website here. To view the brochure, click here. To learn more about AlgomaU’s participation, email [email protected]

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