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CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS: Participate in Nature-based Mindfulness Study

Carole Jackson (ENVS Honours thesis student, Algoma University) is looking for volunteers (aged 30+) to participate in her thesis research.  

Are you interested in practising mindfulness techniques in a nature-based setting that may provide stress reduction, an increase in ecological awareness, and the opportunity to not only get outside and enjoy more of the Sault’s natural beauty but to possibly try something new? 

Requirements Include: Must be aged 30+, be able to commit to three 1.5 hour sessions within a 10 day period (scheduling is based on your own availability), the ability to drive to a local, natural setting and the willingness to spend time either alone in nature or accompanied by another person at a distance. Locations can be chosen so you are within the vicinity of others if you choose. People with little or no outdoor experience are especially encouraged to participate as well as those with prior experience. Training will be provided.

If interested, please contact Carole Jackson via email at [email protected]

Please also feel free to forward this message on to others who may be interested.

This study has been approved by Algoma University’s Research Ethics Board ([email protected]) Thesis advisor:  Dr. Jennifer Foote ([email protected])

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