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Algoma University School of Business and Economics introduces new aviation programming in Brampton to support expanding labour market

(BRAMPTON, ON – July 29, 2021): Algoma University’s School of Business and Economics (SchoolBE) is expanding academic programming at its Brampton campus targeting those interested in becoming pilots or pursuing careers in the growing aviation industry. The initiative makes Algoma University one of only three universities in Ontario to offer aviation programming. Registration is now open for the  Aviation Management Professional Program (AMP) and the Aviation Management Certificate (AMC) programs, starting this September.

“As we emerge from the pandemic, significant growth is expected within the aviation industry – in fact, Canada is expected to face a shortage of 3,000 pilots and 55,000 workers overall in the aviation industry by 2025,” notes Cathy Denomme, Director of the Algoma University School of Business and Economics. “The AMP and AMC programs build upon the expanding slate of options available to students wishing to pursue university level studies in the Brampton region. We pride ourselves on developing business and socially-conscious leaders. Algoma students benefit from small class sizes, one-on-one interactions with caring faculty, and the chance to learn directly from industry professionals – providing opportunities for personal and professional growth through experiential learning and internships.”

Algoma U’s SchoolBE aviation programs provide options for those entering post-secondary studies directly from highschool as well as those wishing to further their post-secondary education including  working professionals. Both programs have a flight option for those interested in learning how to pilot an aircraft. In addition to in-class learning, online learning is also offered.

The four-year innovative AMP program provides current and future pilots, as well as those interested in the non-flight aspect of the aviation industry (aviation management career/professional), all the skills and networking opportunities they’ll need to enter the workforce. The program offers a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA, with an Aviation Specialization), a big advantage in helping students start their career in the aviation industry.

The one-year AMC will provide an aviation professional looking to upgrade their skills and abilities to management level with more opportunities for professional development within their current and/or future organization. As the program is one year only, it’s also a great option for those who want to get their feet wet in the aviation industry but may not be able to commit to the four-year AMP.  Students who complete the AMC certificate program have the option to easily transfer into the AMP program without the need to repeat any courses.

Students from both programs who are interested in learning to pilot an aircraft will have the option to receive flight training from Flight 6ix, a Transport Canada certified flight training establishment and pilot school. Flight 6ix boasts a team of well-established aviation industry veterans, and their instructors have airline experience from Air Canada, WestJet, Emirates, Etihad, Saudia, Qatar Airways, and Air India.

“In Canada, pilots and aviation professionals often have to partake in their academic education endeavors and flight training programs in isolation resulting in valuable time lost,” notes Waseem Javed, Chief Executive Officer at Flight 6ix. “A specialized degree with the presence of a multi-dimensional education platform through Algoma and inclusion of flight training through Flight 6ix, not only fills that much needed gap but provides future aviation professionals the ability to enter their careers possessing skills which would have taken years to develop without it.”

Flight 6ix allows students to choose from two airports for their training (Grimsby Airport and Guelph Airpark), and has an impressive total of 13 aircrafts dedicated for Algoma University student training.

Upon successful completion of the AMP or the AMC, students will have the opportunity to write additional exams and graduate with five of the industry’s biggest, most recognized certification courses. Offering students a simplified and direct path to these certifications compared to other schools.

These five certifications provide in-demand skills that employers in the industry are looking for:

  • Aviation Safety Management – Certification obtained from the International Air Transport Association (IATA)
  • Aviation Quality Assurance (AQA) – AQA Certification obtained from the International Air Transport Association (IATA)
  • Commercial Drone Operations – Drone Certification obtained from the International Air Transport Association (IATA)
  • Air Traffic Control and Dispatch Operations – Dispatcher Certification obtained from a Transport Canada recognized provider
  • Crew Resource Management – CRM Certification obtained from a Transport Canada recognized provider

The current labour shortage in the aviation industry ensures that graduating students will have countless career opportunities in aviation management to choose from. Even if you’re not interested in becoming a pilot, students equipped with the courses in Algoma’s aviation program can work directly in these following industries/fields:

  • Passenger Airlines
  • Corporate Airlines
  • Cargo Airlines
  • Safety Management Specialist (required for every airline)
  • Quality Assurance Specialist (required for every airline)
  • Drone Operator (future of drone delivery, drone pilots and automated drone industry)
  • Crew Resource Management (course required for every airline in the world)
  • Logistics and Supply Chain

Those interested in exploring some of the finest aviation management courses in Canada are encouraged to apply online for the Aviation Management Professional Program or the Aviation Management Certificate – application fees are waived for this program for Sept 2021! 

More information on the Aviation Management Professional Program, Aviation Management Certificate, and Flight 6ix is available online.You can stay up to date by following Algoma University’s SchoolBE on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and by following Flight 6ix on Instagram and Twitter.

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