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Algoma U Brampton Graduates Boast Career Success

Born in Nairobi, Kenya, Francis Muli moved to Brampton in his teens. After years of travel and study, Muli earned a diploma in Business Finance from Sheridan College, later enrolling in the Bachelor of Business Administration program, minoring in Accounting, at Algoma U, Brampton.

Three things attracted Muli to Algoma U at Brampton: convenience, cost and continuity. Convenience because it was very close to home, and cost because having paid for his education with a student loan, Francis wanted the best value for the money.

Muli added, “Continuity because Algoma U valued my college education more than other schools did. I had advanced standing in my undergraduate studies and the hard work I put into my college diploma was not disregarded.”

Muli took full advantage of what he described as a world-class teaching staff and an interactive, welcoming campus at Algoma U at Brampton. Much of what he learned at Algoma U at Brampton has been directly beneficial to his professional experiences.

Though it took a great deal of hard work on his part, Muli credits professors James Hicks, Peter Ostroski, and Kier Munn, for the role they played in his academic successes. Muli recalled the memorable opportunity to represent Algoma U at Brampton, at the Northern Ontario Business Case Competition in 2014 and the impact that experience had on his professional development.

A year and a half after writing his last exam, Muli walked into his dream job as Financial Analyst at Freshbooks. Only the beginning of what will be a long and successful career, Muli is currently pursuing his CPA designation, with plans to continue his education in the MBA program of his choosing.

He hopes to see the Algoma U at Brampton campus grow in the future, expanding their course offerings, and continuing to provide students with great academic and professional opportunities. “I am proof that Algoma U at Brampton is a very good school.”

Francis MuliAmanda Thomas

Amanda Thomas

Having completed an Accounting Business Systems Diploma from Humber College, and working full time in her profession, Amanda Thomas came to Algoma U at Brampton, as a mature student enrolled in the Bachelor of Business Administration – General program.

Thomas discovered Algoma U at Brampton, doing something that is very familiar to those living and working in the Greater Toronto Area: sitting in traffic. Idling behind a bus, Thomas noticed an advertisement for the University, immediately sparking her interest.

“It was local, convenient and allowed me to do an accelerated program full-time as I worked full-time,” she explained. “Everyone was very supportive and always lent a helping hand when it was needed. The professors were very helpful. The work was challenging, but only to teach a valuable lifelong lesson not to give up on challenges.”

Through the network she created at Algoma U at Brampton, Thomas was offered the position of Manager, Marketing and Member Engagement with the Brampton Board of Trade.

“Networking through Algoma U helped me obtain this career and has prepared me for greater things ahead,” she shared of what she referred to as the ‘Alumni advantage’.

Citing the efforts of her Professors Jim Byrd, Seymour Stein, and Darren Deering, as well as Brian Leahy, Thomas enjoyed great success at Algoma U at Brampton, having found that same success in her professional career.

“Algoma U has changed my life greatly and has made me realize my own colours and show others what I am really made of.” Moving forward, like Muli, Thomas hopes to see Algoma U at Brampton, continue to grow, offering more programs out of a larger facility. “Algoma U at Brampton is on a progressive scale and will be one of the best within the next ten years.”

Written by: Jessica Ferlaino

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