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From Commerce to Coding: Zviko Gwekwerere’s Story

Zviko Gwekwerere (Bachelor of Computer Science ‘23) is one of our newest Alumni who recently crossed the stage at the Brampton Fall Convocation ceremony back in October. 

Zviko Gwekwerere

After having already completed a degree in commerce, Zviko wanted to enhance her technical skills and the accelerated computer science program at Algoma University caught her attention. With her background in commerce, she began to notice the growing intersection between technology in business and the computer science program allowed her to blend those two areas. Combining the two fields helps her stay up-to-date on the fast changing business world by leveraging technology to help solve complex business challenges.Since completing her degree, Zviko has been working for a local business in Sudbury working in e-commerce, including marketing and maintaining the website. She is enjoying this job because it allows her to combine her business and technology skills. 

On October 26, Zviko was busy attending her Convocation ceremony in the morning and a networking event in the afternoon (pictures below), which has become an important part of her professional development. As a student, a teaching assistant at Algoma U encouraged her to engage in networking opportunities. Inspired by their advice, Zviko began participating in hackathons to connect with fellow students, enhance her coding skills, and build a valuable network. At one of her first hackathons, called SheHacks, Zviko gained valuable technical skills and had the opportunity to network with recruiters from Scotiabank. This connection led her to a rewarding summer internship with the company. 

Zviko continues to be proactive about her career and continues to network and explore opportunities in the tech industry.  She has attended the BFUTR Summit 2023 and the Between us Ladies Dinner Soiree in Sudbury where she has made meaningful connections with people in the tech field that have opened her eyes to various career paths that she is excited to explore.  These experiences have underscored the importance of stepping out of her comfort zone and actively engaging in networking opportunities. Through hackathons specifically, Zviko has expanded her technical skills and forged lasting friendships and professional connections. Zviko would love to connect with students and fellow new grads – she encourages you to connect with her on LinkedIn. Whether you want to chat about student life, tech, or anything in between, she’s always happy for a conversation and is looking forward to connecting with you!

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