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International Experience Creates Career Success

Effective leadership skills Mohmmd Alanbary cultivated as an Algoma University student now serve him well as an achievement-focused graduate.

The 27-year-old completed a Bachelor of Computer Science degree in 2016. He also earned a Certificate in Law & Justice at Algoma U.

Subsequent career successes are following two tracks in his native Saudi Arabia. Only two months after graduating, Alanbary secured an IT Procurement Analyst position with the Saudi Telecom Company (STC). One of the country’s largest corporations, STC is a major worldwide provider of technology services for businesses and organizations.

The alumnus also heads a thriving business created while he attended Algoma University.

“SSD (for Saudi Self-Development) is the name of the company established in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario” he said. “It seeks to empower Saudi individuals to achieve success in different industries. SSD acts as a mediator between our community and organizations that offer self-development in people of high standing.”

Alanbary subsequently shifted company operations to Saudi Arabia. The venture’s current priority is called the Saudi TOT Project. SSD enjoys a 90 percent success rate based on participants’ exam results, assignment marks, and attendance records. Positive media coverage has resulted because the project helps those involved share knowledge.

“I always say that destiny brought me to Algoma U in January 2013,” the personable young professional recalled. “It was a great experience and I learned a lot. I had heard that Sault Ste. Marie is a small town and that you would never be someone important if you moved there. But my time there proved that’s not the case at all. I had many opportunities to prove that I could make changes within my own community and within the Canadian community. What I saw and experienced in the Sault was far different from what I had been told!”

By taking full advantage of the University’s benefits and life in the larger community, Alanbary flourished.

“Most of the classes contain approximately 30 students,” he explained. “You can discuss your ideas with the professor and share your own knowledge with others in the same class. Dr. Julian Hermida is my idol at Algoma U. He inspired me in my academic studies. I have a Certificate in Law and Justice because of him. And Dr. Yi Feng was one of those who inspired me in my computer science studies. My programs opened many doors for me, not only in the computer field. I finished university and I found myself doing what I had learned.”

Participation in student government significantly enhanced Alanbary’s development. Peers elected him as the Algoma University Students’ Union’s international representative.

“Through that responsibility and by working with other students and staff, I gained great experience,” he said. “The Algoma U environment allowed me to make an impact by making changes when I found myself obligated to put issues on the table and solve them. I learned when people believe in you, you should be their voice and help them. Algoma taught me knowledge, confidence, and leadership.”

A memorable event took place in 2013 when the Saudi flag joined more than 40 other national colours flying at the Sault’s Civic Centre.

“This sends a message that international students are part of this community,” Alanbary noted. “When I came to the city, people welcomed me. They think that my culture is part of their culture. That’s why I love Sault Ste. Marie.”

In 2015 the Saudi embassy honoured Alanbary by electing him President of the Saudi Students Association of Sault Ste. Marie. In that capacity, he represented the embassy and the Saudi Cultural Bureau in the area.

The grateful grad is already looking forward to a future visit. “I need to return and say hi to all of my friends and people who made me a successful person. Algoma has done a lot for Mohmmd. I think this is the time to give back!”

Written By: Rick McGee

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